Wednesday, February 20, 2013

White MeltyKiss & Almond Chocolate

Another lucky bit of snackage from my husband! Since these are pretty dinky and there isn't much to say about them, I've combined the two into one review.

First up, Almond Chocolate of unknown origin...
I've got a feeling this might be a product by Lotte, which is available at the Japan Centre's webshop. Easy purchase for people within the UK! As you can see though, this one is individually wrapped so maybe it was a bulk purchase from somewhere else...or, a different chocolate altogether!

Either way, it is a classy little wrapper of ivory and gold with bold typography.
I was impressed by the gloss and shine on this, you can nearly see me hovering from above. It was about the size and shape of a Jordan almond, and was very smooth surfaced like well panned chocolate. Basically, one quality lookin' snack.
I tried to make it look like Rilakkuma (or is it Korilakkuma?) was wearing the chocolate as a hat, but maybe I should stick to trying to get halfway decent photos period before I get too...artsy. Chocolate was fabulous! Milky chocolate in the Japanese style, which is always vaguely caramel-y to me, and a fat, tasty almond. That's all I can say, really! If you like chocolate almonds, this would be a great choice.
If you've never had a Meltykiss, they're sort of like bitsy little cocoa-dusted truffles that are specifically meant to melt in your mouth. It'll feel a bit cool and firm, but just give it a bit of time and it'll melt right into a liquid. The cocoa powder slows the melting, so you can enjoy the taste for longer. Basically, they're firmer, shelf stable versions of cocoa-dusted truffles.

This Meltykiss is a white chocolate version, which is also currently available at Japan Centre. Beginning to think someone at the office might've forgotten their souvenirs and had to pick something up in London, hehe...
See, look! Cocoa dusted, perfectly cubic. They're pretty little things, but are they ever tiny. You better let them melt or else you'll barely even notice you ate anything.
I took a bite so you could see the center, looks a bit like an Aero interior. It tastes a bit like cappuccino, probably because the white chocolate is so milky and the cocoa powder is like the topping on a cappuccino. If you've never tried a Meltykiss, honestly I'd try a different flavor first because I think that this one melts a bit differently than the others, maybe due to the white chocolate interior. It isn't as smooth, the white chocolate stays solid for a while longer than the regular variety's filling. Could also have to do with the way this one was stored, of course! You're supposed to keep these quite cool.

They've had some interesting varieties in the past, my favorite being Blueberry. Japan Centre is stocking a few different varieties, I'd like to try the Rum version!

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