Monday, February 25, 2013

Gingerbread Peeps

I was never crazy about regular Peeps, to me they were strictly ornamental. Very cute, inoffensive tasting, probably a great Easter cake decoration, but no kind of candy I'd eat of my own volition. Then Peeps started coming out with flavors and chocolate-covered variations, and I started warming up to them.

Last Christmas there were a few ones I had never seen before, including Chocolate-Dipped Peppermint, Sugar Cookie, and Gingerbread. I was unable to find the sugar cookie flavor, which was a shame as that was the one that interested me most, but I found the other two at, more near Christmas last year. This review is a bit out of date, clearly! I ate the chocolate peppermint ones long ago, and while they were pretty nice, they didn't inspire me to take notes or photos. Kinda minty marshmallow with cheap dark chocolate coating, would've been great in a hot chocolate but sort of boring as just a snack.

So, here's the gingerbread variety:
I love the guy looking askance at Toxic Avenger Peep...bound together until the day a hungry snacksmith such as myself forces them apart. One of the nicest things about Peeps is that they have a sugar crust, a bit like a poor man's brulee. In traditional Peeps, the only thing you'll taste is this sugar crust, so its a bit 'meh'. On the other hand, this gingerbread flavored variety is dee-licious and strong flavored with spice and sugar. Cinnamon, nutmeg, all your gingerbread classics. The texture is very nice, like a firm marshmallow coated in cinnamon sugar. I think since these are a bit older, they are a bit harder than a fresh Peep. Peeps are well known among snack fans as being better stale, as they firm up and get a bit chewier. I say always buy your Peeps out of season! In a couple weeks you'd be well off to pick up some Valentine's Peeps, like Strawberry Creme hearts. They'll be just right for munching at that point.

That being said, I hope some UK stockist takes a chance on these new-fangled 'Party Cake' Peeps!

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