Saturday, September 22, 2012

PS...I Love You

I walk by The Savannah frequently, a South African import kiosk, and I have been known to pick up a Milo bar or two from there, or the rare Grape Fanta. This time, my hunger for exoticism wouldn't be sated by the crumble of a Milo, nor would I be satisfied with a taste of the trappings of my home in the form of grape syrup. This time it had to be new, it had to be you...PS I Love You.

PS I Love You is produced by Cadbury, and is a wafer bar with 'caramel creme' covered in Caramilk chocolate. I really like Caramilk, that sort of buttery sweet confection that could never be mistaken for actual chocolate. Wafer I'm neutral on, and I'm a sucker for '____ creme' so this bar was made to be loved by me.

Unfortunately like so many things that seem written in the stars, it just wasn't meant to be. The wafer was more in line with those dreadful, cheap pink sugar wafers that little old ladies pretend to like to look dainty. Dry, tasteless, no crunch factor. A KitKat coated in Caramilk this ain't, and that is what it should've been. Don't even get me started on the promise of caramel creme, I saw no evidence of creme besides the barest layer of sugar flavored grit meant to glue the wafers together, much less any caramel flavor.

PS I Love You, even though you're a dried out husk on the inside, I'm still into your surface. I wouldn't kick you out of bed for eating dry ass wafers, but I wouldn't kiss you goodnight.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mountain Dew Gamer Fuel: UK Edition

As a proud American, I'm a fan of nearly all incarnations of Mountain Dew.  From my very first organ-inflaming sip of Code Red, to the last slurp of backwash in Black Out, I love the hell out of Mountain Dew flavors, with rare exception.  White Out was crap, that berry-ginseng one was stupid, and Pitch Black II: The Souring was dreadful.

Since moving to England two years ago, I've missed Mountain Dew--there are weird claims about it being 'banned' in the UK, some people claim it is because of HFCS, some people claim it is a dye, some people say it is Mtn Dew versus Mountain Dew-- whatever they say, they're wrong.  You CAN get US-imported Mountain Dew in the UK, it is just really hard to find--I'm not talking about Throwback, either.  My local grocery store sells Mtn Dew-labelled Code Red cans on the regular.

Anyway, 'Mountain Dew Energy' is the UK version of Mountain Dew, and it is pretty easy to find.  I think it passes as say, a Sam's Club version of Mountain Dew.  If you gave it to a kid they would know something was up, like dad lost his job, but they'd drink it anyway.

Britvic has released a new flavor of Mountain Dew Energy-- Game Fuel.  Game Fuel was long ago released in the USA as a 'citrus cherry' flavor, while here it is described as a 'wicked mix of citrus and raspberry' flavor because English people hate cherries almost as much as they hate grapes.

Full disclosure, I don't remember US Game Fuel that well.

UK Game Fuel tastes a bit like boiled sweets or a raspberry Otter Pop, and is sufficiently syrupy.  One of my main problems with Mountain Dew Energy is that it seems excessively carbonated, but this flavor is definitely more pleasantly flat.  It really does taste a lot like one of the dozens of Mountain Dew varieties in the USA, and for that it deserves a pat on the back.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Creamy Steaks: The Blog: The Overview

A few mornings ago, I was drying my hands on my towel and felt a breezy, stray hair kind of feeling on my arm.  I brushed the area using my other hand, and looked down--it was no stray hair.  It was a spider just right there on my arm.  I shrieked and batted it off, but I couldn't see where it had gone or where it had come from...

It was in that moment I decided to start a blog.  That brush with 'the big sleep' left me wondering what I had to show for all my years of eating snacks.  Nothing, plain old nothing.

I'm a married, non-college graduate of college graduating age with a nice job and a pretty sweet life, but I need something more.  A place to review the foods I so enjoy.  So here it is, another food blog with a stupid name.  No twist, no direction, no turning back... just like a spider that got batted off the arm of a coward.

Creamy Steaks will review creamy things, meaty things, sweet things, and salty things.  Sometimes whole meals, sometimes just snacks.  I will have pictures, and some of them will look horrible because of flash.  Enjoy it.