Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lindt Lindor Coconut

I got the scoop on these little tasty such 'n' suches from Hannah at the Review Addict and she's done a great review already, but I feel like adding my two cents...my two cents are very similar though.
It is an eye-catching package, done in a gradient of jewel-tone turquoise to a pale eggshell kind of blue. Not a range of colors you see too often in the chocolate aisle, so I definitely think you'll notice it if you're browsing around. Unfortunately, you may have to limit your browsing to Sainsbury's because it is ex-cah-loo-sive to them. Also, £4.00 something which is way pricier than I remember Lindt going for...but then again I think this is the first Lindor box I've bought since moving to the UK. Funny, because I was crazy for them growing up. Lindor was my first taste of 'fine' chocolate, I used to buy their white chocolate and peanut butter varieties as loosies at Barnes & Noble. D'aw. Man, bring the peanut butter variety over here! It was fantastic.

Well, nearly as fantastic as these.
The color scheme continues on to the foil, it looks so classy for a wrapped truffle. I think the color really reminds me of Tiffany Blue, it isn't an exact match but it has that same sort of blue-y elegance, like a late-in-life egg born from a Patrician bird wearing a tennis bracelet.

The chocolate shell is classic creamy Lindt milk chocolate, but what you're really after here is those sweet, sweet innards. The coconut flavor is not overpowering, it is definitely tampered down by the white chocolate that makes up the actual bulk of the filling--it's like a coconut flavored white chocolate Lindt interior. I was really glad it wasn't any kind of oversweet coconut paste 'confection', but I didn't expect that it would be coming from Lindt.

The only thing that stuck out to me was that the filling as not nearly as melty as I'm used to with Lindt. I seem to recollect them breaking apart in my mouth as soon as I bit down, but this stays fairly solid, more like a traditional truffle than a filled chocolate. Maybe I'm just misremembering things, it makes sense that they would be more solid like truffles--but I swear they used to be gooey right away, these take a bit of sucking. Clearly I need to try one of the other varieties to confirm or deny my suspicions. Yes.


  1. That box looks suspiciously empty in the first pic ;)

    These are insanely delicious, and you're right the centres are different to regular Lindor. I find regular Lindor a bit too sickly, too much vegetable fat in them or something.

    1. Haha, your suspicions are correct...that box is mostly empty. I swear, mine was only half filled in the first place! Heh heh, yeah...that's it. I'm glad it wasn't just me who thought the centre was a bit more solid, and I see what you mean about regular Lindt being a bit sicklier. I'm generally up for sickly chocolate though, so I'm not the best judge. ;)