Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cadbury Egg 'n' Spoon Milky Mousse

I was so excited to try this new Cadbury Easter treat, because I was crazy for these when I was a kid. Milka's presence in the USA seems to have a lot of weird turns, for instance I could very easily find those eggs for a couple years in Target, Kroger, just your average grocery store...but then, I couldn't find them at all outside of more 'world import' shops. It just seemed a toe was dipped into the USA, and then withdrawn. This devastated chunky 11 year old me, who just wanted to eat as many 'creme' based things as possible. Is that so wrong? Is that so wrong? Why did you forsake me, Milka? Where were you when I needed you, Kinder? From what I can tell they're much easier to find now, but for how long...how long until another chubby little girl is forced to go back to marshmallow eggs and live in memory?
If you check out the Candyblog review you can see that the Milka Li'l Scoops are packaged exactly like the Cadbury Egg 'n' Spoons, right down to the foil. It makes sense on both sides, as Milka and Cadbury both have majorly purple branding and are owned by Kraft.

I love the old fashioned purple carton, it is texturized and completely reminiscent of an egg carton--four eggs would not look out of place in here. The little spoons might not make much sense in this situation, but hey.

When you unwrap, it smells of milky chocolate like all Dairy Milk products smell...although I'm pretty sure this isn't officially Dairy Milk. I don't have the same brand loyalty or lifetime-of-eating that most natives have to Dairy Milk, so I couldn't really say whether it is all that different than the classic bars. It tastes super milky and sweet...

Sometimes I think about how strange the difference is between American and British chocolate. Like comparing Hershey's to Dairy Milk...why are they so different? I don't mean what ingredients they use to make them taste different, I'm sure its different ratios of sugar and milk--but why do we have two such different baseline 'chocolate' tastes? From what I hear, a lot of people in the UK don't much care for Hershey's, but I can tell you that most Americans I've known view Dairy Milk as a wonderful treat. My mom goes nuts for Mini Eggs and Creme Eggs every year they come out, and my dad's favorite candy bar of all time is Dairy Milk Whole Nut. Maybe Dairy Milk is just better, it has nothing to do with cultural tastes or anything, Hershey's is just easier for us to get a hold of so we accept it, haha.

Anyway, back to the treat at hand:

Nice. The cream is very tasty, I went with the vanilla/milky flavor and was pleased with the dairy taste. It actually isn't all that sweet, it is certainly less sweet than a Creme Egg. I would say the taste is more in line with the Kinder family of products, sweet vanilla milk, but with a texture all it's own. The texture is so nice, it is like whipped mousse, extremely light on your tongue and almost foamy. I was surprised by the texture, as it actually looked pretty dense when I first opened it up. They aren't chintzy with it, either. The egg is filled up to the chocolate cap you bite off with the stuff.

I think eating the filling by the spoonful is actually a bit much, even though it is fun and a super cute novelty, the taste is a bit better when you have a bit of each. In the end, I ate the middle bits of the cream and left the sides untouched so when I ate the chocolate shell, there was also some filling.

I'm so glad this is out in the UK, it is so well presented and very cute, in addition to being tasty.  I think the price point is a bit much at £2.00, and I foresee a lot of these being unsold after Easter, but I'm glad I got to try it and would gladly buy it is a little gift for my family at Easter, too. I'm debating whether or not to try the chocolate cream one as well...wish they sold them in a mixed container. Maybe next year!

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