Thursday, February 21, 2013

Empire Bottling Works Banana Soda

Banana soda, now that is pretty novel. Most of your weird sodas out there are just variations on fruits that people already drink the juice of--citrus and berry types, mostly. Bananas though...the juice doesn't even exist! Smoothies don't count. Smoothies never count.

That being said, I like banana milkshakes but I'm not fond of artificial banana flavor candies, like Runts. They are quite sharp tasting whereas real bananas are rather bland...Runts are tangy, and if I bit into a banana and it had the barest hint of tang, I'd throw it out and trip a clown.

Throwing this glass bottle, however, would really do a number on a clown's shoes.
Very cool label, like it comes from a world where banana soda is so common there is a generic version. Futuristic!

The smell is a lot like Runts, so I was prepared for the worst--a tangy, fizzy banana. I was wrong to be so worried though, as the Empire surely smiled on this formulation! It tasted like cream soda above all else, with a hint of banana. Definitely more banana milkshake than it was banana Runt. My soda-sippin' sidekick thought it tasted like Irn Bru, which he would describe as being 'metallic toffee flavored'. I've never tried Irn Bru myself, but I can see where he's coming from! While it doesn't taste very metallic to me, I can certainly pick up on some caramel undertones that make me think of cream soda. Suppose I ought to give this Irn Bru stuff the old college try, huh?

If you like Irn Bru, cream soda, Banana Yazoo, or any combination therein, I think you ought to give this a go! Pick it up at Cybercandy here in the UK, or if you're in the USA pick it up in Rhode Island or your local bright yellow soda pop vendor.

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