Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tokyo Banana Tree

As I mentioned before, my husband works for a Japanese company so on occasion he/we get to try Japanese snacks that are otherwise kinda hard to find online. For instance this cake souvenir from the Tokyo SkyTree.
So cute, huh! That little pink bow is on the wrapper, but it is positioned just so, it really does look like it is atop the banana, heh. Japanese packaging really can't be beat. The cake is just about palm size, and is inside a little tray inside the plastic wrap. I guess the flip side to the awesome packaging is that it can be a bit wasteful, but sometimes presentation is worth that sort of thing...I think so, at least. Earth probably disagrees.
Yeah, yeah, yeah! The leopard spots, as you can see, are on the actual cake--apparently it is embedded chocolate cake, but you won't really taste it. The sponge itself is so light and airy, really delicate like an angel food cake. The custard inside is chocolate banana flavored, though I mostly taste banana. The texture of this cream is somewhere between dense custard and Twinkie 'creme', but with an awesome and pretty realistic banana flavor. I love the way this treat looks, it is so fancy and special. The taste is nice and the texture is very delicate and light, if I was traveling through Tokyo I'd pick up a box or two of these to bring back to friends happily.
See? Look how nice. You can see how light the cake is, such even crumbs. This is an exclusive to the SkyTree, but you can get regular (non-leopard, non-chocolate) Tokyo Banana cakes throughout Tokyo.

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