Monday, February 18, 2013

Milky Way Berries 'n' Cream

I'm not crazy for Milky Way, whether it is the caramel-topped style or mousse-y whip found throughout Europe--I just find it too sweet and texturally boring. I do like variations on popular candy bars though, so I was interested in trying this Australian edition of Milky Way, a wee little bar of whippy nougat flavored like berries...AND cream!
This is a tiny bar, in my smallish palm it is about halfway from  my wrist to the base of my fingers. If I was just glancing around at chocolate bars, I would've pegged this one as meant for children or people who are on pretty restrictive diets. Milky Way is pretty low calorie, so I can see the small size working in its favor if they're trying to tempt snackish weight watchers.

So, we've got a small bar of a candy that I'm not a big fan of, nyuk nyuk. The chips are stacked against this one, I'm afraid to say. When I split it in two, I was pleasantly surprised by the effort in differentiating between the cream and the berry flavors.
The color combination is nice, really reminds me of a Battenberg cake. Unfortunately it doesn't taste anywhere near as nice as it looks. Now, maybe you're a fan of Milky Way--and if you are, I can't see why you wouldn't like this bar. It is extremely sweet, has that whipped nougat, vaguely sandy texture that Milky Ways always have, but with a decent raspberry flavor thrown in the mix. The chocolate might as well not be there at all, it just feels like you're chomping down on sticky nougat. I'm of the opinion that nougat needs to have bits suspended in it to ever possibly be enjoyed. For instance, I think Snickers is pretty nice, but that is because the nougat is balanced by peanuts and a fairly thick coating of chocolate. I don't like Mars, because I think caramel does not properly balance is just sweet on sweet, gloop on chew.

For me, this Milky Way was far too sweet, and far too sticky to really enjoy. If you like Milky Ways already, the berry taste was pleasant and not medicinal or artificial, so you'll probably think it is a nice change of pace. If you don't like Milky Ways, this won't be the one to change your mind.


  1. Aw such a shame this was too sweet. It looks nice with the pink/white colour contrast.

    1. Agreed! I really like to see a bit of attention to detail like that...too bad it was too unrelentingly sweet. I suppose Milky Ways and I will just never be the best of friends.