Friday, February 8, 2013

Dove Cookies 'n' Creme Bar

I picked this one up from Cybercandy awhile ago, I'm pretty sure it must've been on sale, because I otherwise probably wouldn't have chosen this bar.

I'm not really crazy about cookies and cream chocolate, I ate myself sick on it as a kid. Dove is a pretty decent brand, they've got a reputation for smooth melt and sweet, milky tastes. They remind me a bit of European chocolate, but of course, located in America. Their milk chocolate has the same fatty, mild, and milky taste that you find in Galaxy...except that this is their white chocolate, so I suppose I should be comparing it to a Milkybar.
Problem is, I have no Milkybar to compare it to--but, I've eaten a few Milkybars in my time and I remember them being quite buttery and even more quite sweet.

The segmentation is nice, each piece is just a bit bigger than my thumbprint, so you could do some serious portion control if you're into that. There are tons of sizable cookie bits throughout, and it smells like any old cookies and cream bar.

Too bad it just tastes like pure sugar, and this is coming from someone who loves white chocolate. Sweeter than a Milkybar for sure... It just tastes too sweet, I can't even taste the chocolate cookies, they just add texture to the otherwise super-smooth bar. Don't get me wrong, I did eat it but I certainly wouldn't get it again. I should've known better, though, because this particular flavor has made me feel sickly since I was a teenager. I thought maybe I was over it, ha. 

If you've never tried  cookies & cream in chocolate bar form, I would suggest maybe starting elsewhere...I really liked the Hershey's Cookies & Cream bar when I was a little kid, but like I said, I ate too many and got sick of them--but I'd probably try that first if I was curious about the flavor.

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