Monday, February 4, 2013

Sioux City Cherries 'n' Mint Soda

Here's one more crazy soda I picked up from Cybercandy! This one sounded particularly wacky to me.
This bottle has got me feeling mighty patriotic, what with the soaring eagle and and green color scheme. That green is nearly the exact color of a dollar bill, actually... America.

I usually hate the taste of mint drinks, I had a bad experience with some unintentionally minty water as a youth, the classic 'someone left their gum inside the cap' jape. It was disgusting, I hated thinking that what was supposed to be my refreshing glug was actually more or less the backwash of someone who left a wad of chewed stuff behind, in my water bottle. After that, I also tried some kind of purposefully mint water and all it did was remind me of my past... So, I didn't really expect to enjoy this drink, but it was just too strange to pass up.

The color is a very transparent pinky-red that pleasantly clashes with the color of the text on the bottle. The fizz factor is light, just the way I like it--not bubbly all the way down your throat, just an initial burst.

It didn't smell or taste too strongly of mint, it mostly tasted like cherry juice. Don't get me wrong, the mint is definitely there, but it is a refreshing herbal mint rather than cloying peppermint. I think that is what makes the difference between a good minty drink, and a bad minty drink. It needs to be not that sweet, and erring on the side of herbal.

My drinking partner thought this tasted like Dr Pepper Cherry with some mint. I don't know where he gets this stuff be fair, it was the littlest bit spicy like Dr. Pepper, but I think that had more to do with it not being a very sweet soda in general.

If you like cherry soda this would be a fun one to try for a change, even if you're not that into mint.

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