Monday, March 11, 2013

Pepsi White, Japan

Continuing on from my earlier reviews of NapaJapan treats 'n' sweets, I've got a new citrussy soda pop to tell you about!

As many of you probably know, Japan sees a new release of a 'strange' Pepsi at least once or twice a year. Last year it was Salty Watermelon in the Spring, and Mikan White in the Winter. I tried the Salty Watermelon variety before I started this blog, but I can tell you that it was very delicious and pretty similar to melon cream soda which is a standard drink in Japan. Generally, melon cream soda tastes sweet and melon-y, but not cloying like fake watermelon can be. The Salty Watermelon Pepsi tasted much like that, but with an extremely delicate salty after-taste, and a bit more melon flavoring.

That was the past though, and you'd have a rough time finding Salty Watermelon Pepsi anywhere at the moment. This White Mikan Pepsi, however, might be a bit easier to find...but should you bother?
Cute bottle and all, but in my opinion, nah. For American readers, this reminded me of orange flavored chewable baby aspirin. For UK readers, this reminded my husband of orange flavored Lucozade tablets. The main issue for me was the after taste. It was sort of dry, throat-coating, and medicinal--a lot like the lingering taste you get with Gatorade or Lucozade Sport.

Allegedly it is a mix of mikan, a citrus fruit native to Japan, and classic Pepsi. I've had orange flavored Coke before, and I know that the combination of citrus and cola can be very tasty-however, this soda has no discernible cola spice or any familiar Pepsi taste. It just tasted like citrus soda without tang or sweetness, and with a weird after taste like powdered sports drinks and chewable medicine.
Sorry Mikan Snowman, that cute little orange nose just makes me think of Flintstone's Chewable Morphine.

I really can't recommend searching for this one. I can suggest however that if you're looking for orange cola you check out...uh, France, circa 2010, which had Coke Orange on the shelves. I have no idea if this variety is still available, actually! It was extremely nice. Apparently there is another drink sold throughout continental Europe called Mezzo Mix, which is 'cola kissed with orange'. Sounds pretty nice, I'm thinking about buying a couple cans from here, and if I do, I'll definitely do a review. Oh, and of course, the Coke Freestyle machines that are scattered about the UK and the USA have orange syrup as an option with your Coke. Well, scattered might not be the right word when it comes to the availability here, as they are only in a handful of Burger King locations in London. Why has fountain soda never taken a strong foothold in the UK? It is a massive money-maker for places like McDonald's and every gas station in America, because once the machine is installed it is a matter of gallons of cheap syrup and gallons of even cheaper carbonated water that you can charge £1.50 for, easily. Serving yourself soda from a fountain, is it considered low class or something? I just don't get it.

...And I miss fountain Coke, and being able to put crushed ice AND cubed ice in one cup. I'm a whiner.


  1. Oh I love the idea of the soda fountains. I just found out that my local Burger King has one of those Coke Freestyle machines, I'll be going there until I've trying out every single one of those combinations!

    I reviewed a Cola & Orange combination recently, it's an Angry Birds drink called Space Comet. I really liked it, makes me wonder why there isn't more of this combo about.

    1. Oh, I'd love to try that Angry Birds drink! I thought I saw it in CyberCandy once, but it turned out to be some kind of tropical soda that sounded much less interesting. I'll have to do some hunting online for the orange cola variety. I got to try one of those Freestyle Machines in America a couple years ago, it was amazing for a soda freak like me. I must've gotten like, four refills in the course of one meal. Haha, if it makes it any better, I didn't drink every single glass all the way down. I can vouch for the Sprite crossed with anything else, I'm not sure if the UK ones have peach syrup but it was really fun to try that one. :)

    2. Yes, they've got quite a few of the Angry Birds drinks. The Cola & Orange one is by far the best :)

      Haha I can imagine doing the same thing with one of those Freestyle machines - just try one of each! I would totally go for the peach syrup too if I saw it. Was there ever a mango option? I think I need to head to Burger King this weekend!