Thursday, March 7, 2013

Nestle Joe XXL

I wasn't a huge fan of the Big Joe bar I tried from Nestle Romania, but this Joe XXL was picked up alongside it and contained chocolate, so I wasn't going to not eat it.
This bar followed the same sort of color scheme from the first Big Joe, purple with a bit of silver, but this time a lighter shade of both. Maybe because this one is milk chocolate, and the other was plain? Hm... I was anticipating this was just going to be a longer, flatter version of the Big Joe, so my hopes weren't high.
Not a lot of chocolate coating on there, and therefore not a lot of promise. The bar was a bit busted when I opened it, but that is to be expected, considering it has been imported. I took a bite, and was pleasantly surprised. It was exactly like a Quadratini, and not much like the Big Joe bar. It was a higher quality wafer, with a tasty cocoa creme filling. Seriously, it was like a squat little bar of Quadratini with a chocolate coating. The wafers are crispy and don't get powdery as you chew. The Big Joe bar from a few days ago was like a stale cake cone meant for ice cream, this is like a properly nice wafer cookie. I actually kind of like it! There are apparently a few different varieties of the Joe XXL, too: vanilla, rum, and quite inexplicably, apple cinnamon. I'd love to try those last two.

I bought both of the Joe bars at the exact same time, so I don't think the quality difference it is an issue of freshness. Unfortunately, I've already thrown out the original Big Joe wrapper, so I can't compare ingredients or sell-by dates. Best I can say is, if you see the Big Joe and the Joe XXL together (say, you're in Romania) and you're craving chocolate, get the Joe XXL. Much nicer than the dried up Big Joe...but still not as nice as a KitKat.

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