Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Feature: Food I'd Like to Eat, America Edition

If you follow me on Twitter you may have already read that I'm planning a trip to the USA in a few weeks to visit my family and uh...catch up on snacks. I'm trying to lose weight in the mean time (so I can put it all back on in America) so there may be a few more features in the coming weeks than reviews. Here's a few of the things I'm most excited to eat when I'm back home!
(photo snatched from Max and Erma's site)
Max & Erma's was my favorite place to go on my birthday growing up, because I love burgers. I've never actually reviewed a burger on here, which is a shame, as they are my absolute favorite food. The burger is the perfect hit of fat, protein, and carbs for me. Seriously, if somebody offered my an awesome cheeseburger from a place like Meatliquor, Max & Erma's, or the old Admiral Codrington (R.I.P.) or a cake...I'd actually take the cheeseburger. It'd be a tough choice, but I just go nuts for burgers. The only problem is that they are a real 'trigger' food for me, haha. If I eat one, I'll start craving them for the rest of the week. So I try to limit my burger intake to maybe once a month at most, and I don't waste it on a McDonald's or Burger King.

Funny enough, the burger I'm highlighting in this post isn't a traditional burger, instead it is 'hand-crushed, grilled bratwurst smothered with sauerkraut, crispy onions rings & beer mustard, on a pretzel bun'. Ohh, yes. Did I mention I also love high quality hot dogs? They've got to have sauerkraut and mustard, preferably kosher or Polish, and never, ever topped with ketchup. I grew up near enough Chicago to take hot dogs and sausages seriously. I take my nitrites with peppers and pickles, thanks.  So this wacky burger hybrid sounds amazing to me. Max & Erma's have some amazing burger variations, including the opportunity to make your own burger with awesome toppings like queso and fried pickle chips. Have I ever mentioned that my dream wedding includes a make your own burger bar as the food option? Well, now you know! Feel free to use the idea, you just have to invite me.
(photo from Lay's website)
Yes, yes, and oh, yes please. I've been avoiding reading reviews of these, just because I want to go in with all the anticipation I can possibly muster. I have no idea what flavor I'm going to like best-- I went through a massive sriracha phase a couple years ago, I've always loved cheesy garlic bread, and chicken & waffles is something I've wanted to try for ages. I think I'm going to request these be waiting for me upon arrival, haha. Lay's are also a nice chip, crispy but not crunchy. I hate kettle-cooked, I always feel like my teeth are getting all jacked up when I eat those, they're like rocks.
(photo yanked from Taco Bell USA site)
This might be the thing I'm most excited for, I've been doing this for the past few days every time I remember that Doritos and Taco Bell collaborated just in time for my arrival...well, it was actually March 8th, 2012. Still, the fake cheese and fake Mexican gods have surely smiled down on me, for my years of unending support. In addition to the Nacho Cheese variety, they also recently launched Cool Ranch. My husband loves Taco Bell even more than me, and we were probably some of the first people in the UK to make the trek out to the Taco Bell location in Lakeside, and we were vaguely disappointed. Mostly just because of a few missing items, no Baja Blast, and a distinct lack of liquified cheese product. Anyway, we'll both be chomping at the bit to chomp these Dorito tacos, and gulp down some fountain Mountain Dew. Fountain everything, really!

Obviously I'm pretty into American junk food, there is a lot more I'm looking forward to in addition to these. I might highlight a few more bits I want to eat in the coming weeks, and be sure to look out for reviews of this stuff and MORE from the land of milk (flavored ice cream) and honey (high fructose corn syrup) coming at the end of March!

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