Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Feature: Food I'd Like to Eat, Wendy's Edition

Wendy's is a fast-food chain in the US that is known for square hamburger patties, and at least among my peers, as being slightly classier than alternative burgers. Wendy's does taste better than McDonald's, the patties are vaguely spiced and the cheese feels real. Wendy's has much nicer fries than Burger King, but hey, who doesn't...and Wendy's has one thing that neither of those places has ever really been able to emulate: chili. Why don't you make your own damn chili cheese fries, cries Wendy's, we've got a vat of the stuff cooking, we can't do all the work for you.

Wendy's also has locations in other places, most notably (for me) in Japan. Apparently Wendy's existed in Japan a few years back, but closed down because they couldn't compete with the other fast food chains there. They reopened there recently, however, and celebrated by offering some crazy fancy burgers. It started off with a foi gras burger and a truffle cream burger, but that was sometime last year, and things have changed... For the better?

 (cribbed from Wendy's Japan site)
Going off the photos and corroborating articles about Wendy's that have been Google translated, I think I've got a pretty good idea of what these burgers are. Starting from the left, it appears we've got a chili & bacon burger, an avocado & wasabi burger, a bacon burger, and a chili burger. Clearly the first two are the stand-outs. I'm surprised that bacon & chili isn't a more common combination, I can really picture it working! The saltiness of the bacon, and the spice of chili...quite the savory blast, I'd reckon. Wasabi and avocado also sounds awesome, creamy and hot--nice.  The other two, well, I could get those anywhere...
(grabbed from Wendy's USA site)
This one is from the US, the Asiago Chicken Club. In America, Wendy's isn't really known for there limited editions, or even specialty burgers. I've got some respect for Wendy's in that regard, they found what works and have stuck with it. Then again, I love limited editions, so! I'd pick this one over my classic spicy chicken sandwich just because I know that Wendy's has amazing chicken (for fast food, haha) and who doesn't like bacon and asiago cheese? Also, ranch sauce. Damn! I'll get one of these and some chili cheese fries, please.
(as you might guess, taken from Wendy's Canadian site)
I've never had poutine, and I'm sure Wendy's isn't the best example of it, but it looks tasty and this is an article about Wendy's, not the best poutine in Canada! If you don't know, poutine is a Canadian treat consisting of french fries, cheese curds, and gravy. What could go wrong? I know that Wendy's does delicious fries, I love cheese curds, and gravy is always welcome.

Wendy's might be a bit boring, but I've never had a bum burger from them, nor a bad batch of fries, so I'm just as excited to eat more Wendy's on my upcoming trip as I am excited for the new stuff back home.

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  1. I used to love going to Wendy's.. they're definitely my favourite of the fast-food chains. I agree with your opinion on Poutine.. what could go wrong with that combination of ingredients? Hopefully no fellow Canadians are reading this b/c I would surely get smacked for saying that...some people here are hardcore about their poutine (even how it's pronounced!).