Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Nakd Cherry Infused Raisins

I'm not into 'healthy' snacks. Cue feigned shock and sarcastic reading of all my other reviews.

I kind of hate all the old standbys like rice cakes, celery, hummus and carrots...Frankly, the ones that I do sort of enjoy like bananas, peanut butter, and berries all have quite a bit of sugar or at least calories, so I usually just shrug and eat a candy bar instead.
These raisins intrigued me, however. At first I was drawn in by a different flavor, the crazy, mixed up Cola-infused raisins, but then I thought to myself "I'm definitely going to hate those", and decided on these...which I could've potentially enjoyed. I've eaten raisins before and been pretty pleased with the plump sweetness, and the fact that this 25g baggie had 1 of my 5 fruit servings a day sold me. Also, I love food flavored like other food. When those grape flavored apples came out I was so annoyed that I wasn't in America anymore, because you just don't find that sort of sensory freakout here in the UK. Until now! Hell, cola raisins outrank fruit flavored fruit any day of the week in weirdness.
Blergh, now I remember what raisins look like. If some prankster left a raisin on my while I slept I'd wake up screaming. To be fair, raisin purveyors don't try and act like they're beautiful--the only time you decorate with them is when you're pretending some ants got on your food, after all. These things smelled really sweet, and kind of tart like a cherry. They tasted very sweet, sweeter than an average raisin, and had some kind of weird crystallized bits in/on them, that crunched like sugar. No added sugar in these though, so that must all be the raisin's 'natural sweetness', plus the 'natural flavoring' of cherry. I don't really taste much cherry, I think it just makes the raisins a bit more sweet. I didn't hate these, but I don't feel like I did myself any great service by eating them. The fact is, these raisins had 17g of carbs, and while it isn't specified how much is sugar, I can probably rightly assume most of that 17g is naturally occurring sugar. They are nature's candy, so while they are probably better for you in the long run than a chocolate bar, I just don't feel like they are better enough to warrant the kind of boring taste and bad texture.

I think these would be great for kids, because I'm a big advocate of not feeding them candy all day...but as an adult, one of my aged perks is that I can eat candy all day, and nobody gives me guff. Except doctors and dentists, surely paid off by the International Raisin Council.

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