Monday, March 18, 2013

Mr. Kipling Lemon Bakewell Tart

Apparently these were out last year for Easter too, but I did not notice. I think I was suspicious of the li'l pies that Mr. Kipling releases, but after trying the Mississippi Mud variety I was pumped to have another.
The color is a bit saturated in this photo, the lemon icing is not that fluorescent. These are really pretty cute, they actually look like tiny pies. My only little issue is that it is quite hard to get the pie out of the tin without it breaking up a bit and causing a lot of crumbs. Doesn't matter too much, but you'll definitely want to put a plate underneath this before you chow down.
I did, but then I put it on the counter for a better picture of the innards. So we've got a lemon jelly candy on the very top, followed by lemon icing, then a bit of lemon curd, and then some lemon sponge all encased in pastry. The crust seems like it is the same as the mississippi mud pie variety, as previously reviewed by me, Hannah at the Review Addict, and Foodstufffinds. Kind of graham tasting and crumbly. The sponge was okay, it all tasted like lemon so I couldn't get a good handle on the taste of the cake. I think it could've been vanilla cake and it would've been exactly the same...It was soft and kinda buttery, though! The lemon curd plus the lemon icing is a sweet citrus overload--well, it would be an overload if I didn't like it, haha. Oh man, it is so sweet. That's the deal with sour fruits being turned into candy, they have to add so much sugar to compensate for the natural tang. I always feel extra bad for my teeth with citrus sweets because the natural acids plus the sugar has to be really terrible. The lemon jelly candy is so unnecessary though, even though it is pleasant it is just more sweet, but with actual grains of sugar embedded in it. So we've got manual exfoliation in addition to the citric acid and the sugar. Whoops.

If you like lemon, this was really tasty with a cup of tea. At just under 200 calories, it is a pretty fair afternoon treat. I felt pretty I ate an entire miniature pie. I'm looking forward to trying more of the bitsy tarts in the Mr. Kipling lineup!

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