Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hummingbird Bakery, Pumpkin Whoopie Pie

I was down when I learned that the pumpkin cupcake I had reviewed was being withdrawn from Hummingbird Bakery, and uplifted when I realized that it was being replaced by such interesting cupcakes as: salted caramel, cookies & cream, and grasshopper. Well, I went in expecting to walk out with a cookies & cream cupcake, but instead came out with the pumpkin whoopie pie I blathered on about in my earlier review. The cookies & cream was sold out, I'm easily convinced, and what was I going to do, leave without any cake? Pah! Ya see, I thought this would be a good substitute for the now discontinued pumpkin cupcake, and I was kind of right. I just had to check...for research purposes, of course.
Obviously it looks different, and a lot more uh...rustic than the cupcake. It is much bigger--about the size of my fist-- and it definitely seems more filling than the cupcake. The frosting-to-cake ratio swung heavily in favor of the cake for this one, whereas the cupcake was frosting heavy affair.
This changes the overall taste, because the balance of flavors is so different. This whoopie pie is much more cake than it is frosting, so the whole treat is a bit more spicy and dough-y than the cupcake was. The tastes ARE exactly the same, exact same cream cheese frosting and the same spicy cake. The texture of the cake is a bit different, more like a pumpkin spice muffin, very dense and moist.

I would say the cupcake was a bit more to my taste, just in terms of frosting ratio and springiness of the cake...but I wouldn't turn this whoopie pie down. It would've been amazing with some tea or coffee!


  1. boyo boy you sure know how to review some sweets!! by the way, i TOTALLY agree with you
    about the frosting-to-cake ratio!

    1. Well thank you, kind anonymous commentator. ;) Glad I'm not alone!