Friday, March 22, 2013

Pepperidge Farm, Soft Baked Chocolate Chunk & Crispy Chocolate Pecan

Pepperidge Farm cookies are commonplace in America, but I've only seen them at one Tesco in the UK. I've never been crazy for them, but I do think Milanos would be really well liked here, just based on how nice they are dipped into hot beverages.

Anyway, I don't have any Milano cookies to review, I have two other varieties!
One soft baked, and one crispy. You may recollect from earlier reviews that I am not a big fan of shelf stable soft baked cookies, but Pepperidge Farm has a reputation for prestige, so my hopes were higher than usual. Again, the package suggests microwaving the cookies will improve them--but unfortunately I do not have a microwave. Times like these I miss it.
Hm, looks a lot like a bigger version of the Country Ma'am cookies. Just weird little pudding cookies, or the kind made out of cake mix. The texture is also just like Country Ma'am, kind of sticky and dry. I think these would be much improved by microwaving, it would soften them up at least. The flavor wasn't that amazing though, it was quite floury and artificially buttery. The chocolate chunks and the cookie base don't mingle together at all, which is a shame as the chunks are actually quite nice. I can only imagine these are really meant to be microwaved, because eating it plain is kind of a drag.
These look more like my style of cookie! It is also a promising sign that I can see a few pecans embedded within. The texture was fine, like any crunchy store bought cookie and the taste was much improved from the soft-baked batch. The base flavor tasted natural, like a 'real' cookie with butter and vanilla extract, and the chocolate chunks and pecans blended nicely, and didn't seem like a different taste stuck onto the cookie. The flavors were melded, unlike the soft-baked. Is the difference between one of these and like, a Boasters, enough to justify the kinda increased price? Probably not--but if you want to try something new and you like pecans I can definitely suggest the crispy Pepperidge Farm. As for the soft one, I certainly wouldn't buy it again, but if you like similar cookies I'm sure you won't be annoyed by this slightly larger one that uses nicer chocolate.

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