Thursday, March 14, 2013

Penguin St. Clement's Mini Rolls

I don't know much about St. Clement or his cake, but he was apparently some kind of fan of citrus. This cake is a bit different than the usual St. Clement's cake, as it is a chocolate sponge, covered in chocolate. Makes sense, given that it is under the Penguin line and Penguins are covered in chocolate...right?
Pretty cute wrapper, I like the big penguin foot in the foreground, but I do wonder how happy that penguin actually would be traipsing through a field of wild flowers in the warm, spring sunshine...I'd love it, but I'm not a flightless, non-migratory bird who lives in one of the coldest climes on Earth.
Your classic mini roll cake, the only difference is that it is completely enrobed in chocolate, whereas a lot of the shelve-stable roll cakes are mostly dipped, but not fully. Nice! Feels 20 percent more decadent with the addition of a bottom layer of chocolate coating.
Eugh, pardon the poor destruction of the cake, it can't be helped. As you can see the inside is a pretty lurid shade of yellow. The chocolate coating was nice, very milky and sweet, very similar to the chocolate on a Penguin. The cake was like any ol' sponge, maybe a bit more chocolate-y than others cake rolls I've had. The inner cream was great, strongly flavored with orange and lemon, and not too sugary. Smooth too, rather than rough and gritty. The combination of chocolate and orange is classic, and adding lemon to it doesn't change much except make it a bit more zesty. Has Penguin ever made cake rolls before?

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  1. this was a very entertaining piece of writing! the mini roll sounds quite good!