Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rice Krispies Squares, Totally Chocolatey Mint

It's no secret that I'm very hard to please when it comes mint. Pair it with savory dishes, and I'm already feeling queasy. Mix it with chocolate, and I'm absolutely going to need lots of sugar and chocolate to make it through. I used to like chocolate mint quite a bit more, but my tastes have changed and I've soured on it.

My husband has no beef with chocolate mint, so we bought these Rice Krispies on his behest. Fact is, I don't even like Rice Krispy treats. They're too sticky for me. See, I like to be able to put out of my mind how horribly I'm treating my teeth while I eat snacks...and these things are a real reminder that I'm doing terrible damage to mankind's weakest point. Not to mention that they're so boring. Cereal and marshmallows, huh, that sounds great...hey does anyone around here have some Lucky Charms?
Really, I was setting myself up to fail eating this as my afternoon snack. The wrapper is nice, really makes it clear that there is chocolate and mint in there...I guess. At least they're not trying to deceive anybody.
Maybe if you're a fan of Rice Krispies, this image is mouthwatering. To me, it illustrates the food version of a shrug. It smelled kind of minty, and felt quite solid as opposed to homemade squares which are always gooey and melting and getting gunk on your hands...yurgh. Taste wise, not much to say, there was just a slight taste of mint and a slight taste of chocolate, and that's it. Not a strong taste, but I should be thankful for that given how much I don't like chocolate and mint. My husband's opinion was pretty much the same. He says that after eating one he had no interest in eating the rest of the 4-pack, and that the chocolate mint taste was 'NOT good'. You can tell who the wordy one of the family is! So, now we've got two Rice Krispy squares that hopped a chocolate/mint sidecar to Dullsville. Guess since they're so inoffensive we can save them for sweet-hungry guests.

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