Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Red Velvet Cake from Krispy Kreme

I'm totally okay with the proliferation of red velvet cake into the world of UK baked goods. 

I really like red velvet cake, but I'm going to reveal a secret about it, right here, right now...
everyone just loves the cream cheese frosting. That's right! I said it! Take that, red velvet cake lobby!

Red velvet cake is just lots of food coloring and some cocoa powder, really. Sure, there is the most delicate taste of cocoa, but what it mostly tastes like is cream cheese frosting.  Delicious, wonderful, sweetened cream cheese.  I posit that a dense chocolate cake topped with cream cheese frosting would be even better.  I submit to you, cream cheese brownies.

All that being said, I love red velvet cake. The color, the taste, it is just a nice cake to have around, and it always feels a bit more luxurious than a plain chocolate or vanilla cake.

So obviously a red velvet cake doughnut is the very height of breakfast time decadence.

So regal! Please ignore the chocolate frosting smudges, you'll hear all about the guilty, fudgy perpetrator later.

This doughnut is a Valentine's Day promotion from Krispy Kreme, released earlier this week. If you ask me, it's a bit late to be releasing a Valentine's Day treat, since we've only got about 14 days left to eat one.  Then again, do keep in mind I come from a land where Christmas saddles up right next to Thanksgiving and Halloween on store shelves as soon as summer break is over.

It is sharing limited edition space with the Chocolate Truffle doughnut, and they seem to have edged out the Salted Caramel and White Chocolate Pistachio doughnuts...nooo! That does bode well though, that perhaps Krispy Kreme will be adopting this fun limited edition strategy from now on.

As for the doughnut itself, it is a decent example of red velvet cake. Dense, vaguely chocolatey, with a rich red color. Thankfully it is a cake doughnut, as otherwise it would just be too weird--with a healthy piping of smooth cream cheese frosting, half-dipped in white chocolate, kind of inexplicably. The white chocolate basically adds nothing, it is tasteless and texturally not all that different from the doughnut it covers. I appreciate the look, but I think it would've made more sense to just traditionally frost the whole doughnut in cream cheese. I know Krispy Kreme UK is kind of pushing this 'creamy stuff occupying a doughnut's hole' agenda, but I don't really get it. It just makes eating a doughnut an even sloppier affair.  Sure, it's tasty--but either fill the damn thing and cover it up with more doughnut, or frost it around the hole, call me old fashioned.

I'm looking forward to buying a dozen of these for my office, under the pretense of sharing, but then eating a bunch of them myself when everyone else politely demures. That is, after all, the spirit of Valentine's Day.


  1. Love this review, it's so funny :D

    I can't wait to try one of these. When Krispy Kreme announced a red velvet doughnut I was very excited, although that died a little when I saw the filled holey bit - I don't get that either. I would have preferred a ring doughnut with icing and heart sprinkles.

    And yes, I do love red velvet cake purely for the colour and frosting!

    1. Yeah, that filled hole is so strange! I'd still give it a go if you can, just eat it with a plate underneath. :)

  2. Yes, I pretty much NEED some cream cheese brownies! I have never tried Red Velvet Cake though! I need to get with the times!

    1. Yes! Definitely give it a try. Speaking of cream cheese brownies, I'll be reviewing a cheesecake brownie from Hummingbird Bakery pretty soon...let's hope it is tasty, because I love cream cheese brownies so much my heart would break if it stinks.

  3. Oooh love the sound of this! I've noticed the proliferation of red velvet cake into UK baked goods too and must admit, I have never tried it. Anything with cream cheese is a winner for me though, so I will change that soon.

    1. Hummingbird Bakery makes a pretty nice Red Velvet cupcake, if you want to try a more traditional red velvet confection. If ya can't get there, the Krispy Kreme is really tasty. I've already eaten another one this week, yipes.