Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations: Jelly, Popping Candy, and Beanies

I for one am glad to see that post-Kraft Cadbury does interesting stuff.  Like, they didn't take away all the 'classics' so fuddy-duddies who are only interested in Fruit & Nut can still enjoy themselves, while those of us who like a change of pace and a bit of novelty can chow down on Golden Biscuit Crunches and Oreo bars to our heart's content...or until they are unceremoniously discontinued.

This particular bar is from Australia, part of a line of three different bars of varying marvellousity--this one, Jelly & Crunchie Bits, and apparently Peanut Toffee Cookie, which isn't stocked at my local Cybercandy so I refuse to believe it exists lest my heart break for want of trying.
Upon opening, the bar smells like your standard issue Dairy Milk, very sweet and milky.  Nice enough! I didn't expect it to smell like jelly or popping candy, so no surprises there. It is split between a few chunks, and it is on the thicker side due to all the embedded fixin's, making it a bit hard to crunch down and get a half-a-chunk bite. It's full chunk or nothing, folks!

The popping candy is definitely the most prevalent mix-in, every bite has some fizziness. The jelly is the second most common bit, and they're multi-coloured, which surprised me. Seems they went through a lot of effort doing that, unless it really is just the left over jellies from...babies,  or snakes, or teeth, or whatever jelly shapes they eat in Australia. They're not soft gummies, they're definitely chewy like a gummi bear--my husband insists they were just like jelly beans without the sugar shell, but I contend that jelly beans without the sugar shell would basically be soft goop, and these had a strong spring to them whilst chewing.

I couldn't really tell if the jellies were different flavours, it just tasted like a bit like pineapple throughout to me, but since they were different colours I'm going to guess maybe different flavours were attempted, too.

The beanies were stupid, and not just because I think "beanie" is a dumb name for a candy-coated chocolate...they're stupid because M&M type things are always unnecessary in candy bars.

"You like chocolate, of course, you're getting a bar of it! Well, what if we told you that you could have a bar that has tiny other chocolates in it! Pretty crazy, right? But wait, there's more! They have a very thin imperceptible sugar shell, that will probably go completely unnoticed by you or will cut the roof of your mouth on their jagged shards!"

Yeah, I'm bitter. The M-Azing bar really shook me back in the day. Thanks for nothing, M&Ms could've been such a nice cake topping, but you went and ruined it.

So, the beanies contribute nothing.  I would say this bar is a very tasty novelty, and I'd be likely to get it again. I really like Muddy Bears, those chocolate-covered gummi bears that you can sometimes get at movie theatres in the USA, and I ate an off-brand version of these gummi dinosaur in chocolate egg treats all the time as a kid, so your results may vary.  I was very happy to eat jelly with chocolate, unconcerned with popping candy, and able to ignore my white-hot rage about beanies long enough to enjoy this bar. Nice one, Cadbury, keep doing interesting things--but enough with the caramel already, so boring!

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