Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Avery's Fungal Fruit Soda

This is another one of the bottled pops I picked up from Cybercandy last week, and as you might guess, I was attracted to the 'soda-sgusting' label and name.

   If you can see in the left hand corner of the label, the true flavor is Pink Passionfruit and Lime. Funny that the two fruits rotting on the illustration are pears...I guess limes and passion fruit don't really have the same visually arresting...fungus patterns.

The smell was very delicate, like raspberry and lime. The carbonation was very low, which I really like--some drinks can be so fizzy they barely taste like anything.

It tasted a bit like the UK Mountain Dew Gamer Fuel, actually! Lots of zesty lime, and a smooth 'fruit' flavor.  Is it passion fruit, well, probably--but I can't really tell, when I've had passion fruit in say, cheesecake form before, it was quite mellow. Smooth lime with a bit of a berry taste.   Very nice, I'd definitely buy this one again.

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