Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Chocolate Fudge KitKat Chunky, UK Edition

Like young me, the chocolate fudge KitKat had so much promise.

Like older me, it ultimately fails to deliver.

If you like KitKat Chunky, you’re going to also like the chocolate fudge variant, because it is basically just a KitKat Chunky with an addition of ‘fudge’.  Chocolate fudge, no less.  What it really is though, is a

Take away all the shiny new spackle on the wrapper, and inside it is just a cosmic let-down. Meet the new KitKat Chunky, same as the old KitKat Chunky.

Visually, sure, there appears to be some kind of layer of vaguely different coloured chocolate in between the coating and the start of the wafer, but taste wise, nada. There is no damn way I could tell that there was a substantial amount of extra chocolate added to this bar, much less chocolate fudge.

This might be one of those cultural things. To me, chocolate fudge is a very specific food, lovingly made by someone who doesn’t want to turn on their oven for a bake sale.  You can’t just add some chocolate-ish filling to something and call it a ‘chocolate fudge’ bar. New chocolate fudge Snickers, has an extra cm of chocolate coating. No dice, KitKat! Not working! Not falling for it!

So, clearly they had a surplus of the Double Choc variant from last year--because this is basically the same thing.  They really want to stick this thing, don’t they? What’s your
game, KitKat? I’m narrowing my eyes squarely at that block of ‘fudge’ you call a potential champion...

Basically this KitKat is totally edible, and I don’t know,
maybe tastes more ‘chocolatey’, but aren’t you tired of basic retreads? You got your Mars Simply Caramel, yawn city. Snickers More Nuts, yeah, tasty sure, but more or less it is a good Snickers. Marshmallow Three Musketeers in the USA...all so uncool, why don’t they just throw some flavor oil in there, come on!

Take a risk, chocolate manufacturers of the world. Take a chance on pumpkin, on salted caramel, on ‘spice’-- on all my favorite flavors, basically.

PS...Caramel Apple Snickers?

You’re welcome, Mars.

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