Sunday, January 11, 2015

Russell Stover Wedding Cake Big Bite

Yet another Russell Stover review! After being so impressed by the Pumpkin Pie Big Bite, I was looking forward to this wedding cake flavor in a big way. Not that I've really had much wedding cake in my life - as a matter of fact, I think I've had it just once. At my own wedding we didn't have a formal 'cake', really. We had a very small wedding & for lots of reasons I'm glad we did that - but I really missed being able to pick out a cake, haha. Maybe someday! The wedding cake I once had was when I was probably in the single digits, so I don't recall it except for that it was probably sweet & I probably liked it.

So, this is my first really cognizant experience with wedding cake. Thanks Russell, but if this is a proposal I'm afraid I'm already taken. However, if you keep it up with these novelty cake chocolates...

Classy packaging for a drugstore chocolate in the USA, goldish foil. I wonder if anyone has actually used these as wedding favors? The big bite is a very substantial chocolate, as you may guess by the name. This one being white chocolate based runs the risk of being overly sweet, but let's see...

It smells like just solid sugar - like when you've just made up a bowl of royal icing. Not bad, but didn't inspire much feeling in me. I like sugar as much as the next candy blogger, but I also like a little flavor with my sugar.

As I feared, it's mostly just sweet. To be fair though, it does taste like fondant. Like a creamy, ganache version of a fondant. It could've done with a bit of something more, or if the chocolate coating itself was a fattier, less sweet version of white chocolate - or perhaps even dark chocolate. However, that would sort of defeat the purpose because most wedding cakes are white-on-white. One thing they could've done though, maybe use an almond filling instead of just 'white cake'. I think there are lots of wedding cakes that use marzipan, it would've been nicer & still on theme.

There was a subtle hint of tang that can either be flour from an unbaked cake mix, or cream cheese frosting. I'm glad I split this one, because eating an entire wedding cake big bite might result in a very unladylike show of vomitousness. Or at the very least prompt a high school Homer Simpson impression.

 It's very sweet, and that means something coming from me. I can't say I recommend this one, but there are a few varieties that sound nicer: carrot cake, birthday cake (milk chocolate covered) and the pumpkin pie was definitely good. Go with one of those, and you could probably manage it all by yourself. The Russell Stover Big Bite is a nice line, and I'd happily try more. I hope they continue to experiment with flavors of cake, pie, and dough.


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