Monday, January 19, 2015

Banana Split Oreos

It's been a few months since my last review of American cookies, and so I'm not sure if these are even still available in the USA. Thanks Granddad! :)

I never used to be a fan of banana, both natural or artificial - but living here in the UK it became such a rare flavor option that it's a bit more tempting. I've also became a fan of actual banana, but that's just because I try to compensate for my lack of nutrition by eating the occasional real fruit.

So these Oreos are comprised of the basic elements of a banana split: banana & strawberry split creme center, and one Golden Oreo (vanilla) and one classic chocolate Oreo. So, lots of different flavors at play here. Do they all mesh well like a fine Banana Split, or are they a disjointed mess like a peppermint, marshmallow & pretzel sundae? I'm fine either way - they both sound nice. As my family knows, I'll eat any ice cream concoction.

These, however, could be enjoyed by even the most traditional of ice cream flavor enthusiasts! I will admit, the flavor balance isn't perfect - the banana flavor is the strongest by far, followed by the chocolate. I'd say for a true banana split it's vanilla first and foremost, than banana, than strawberry, than chocolate. It's just a bit off here, but still very tasty. It's very artificial banana, so if you're unaccepting of that than you should definitely look elsewhere. Maybe mash a banana & replace the filling of a Heads or Tails Oreo for a more natural taste?

The strawberry definitely gets lost - it's also more sweet than I prefer, as I like artificial-yet-tangy strawberry. I can see how that wouldn't go as nicely with chocolate.

One option is that they could've removed the chocolate Oreo biscuit from the equation, because then that would allow the less dominant flavors like strawberry & vanilla to shine a bit more. Personally, when I think banana split I think vanilla, banana, nuts, and most importantly - tons of whipped cream. I don't consider the drizzle of chocolate sauce to really play much into it other than presentation, and until I Googled an image of an actual banana split I didn't even really realize it was meant to have strawberry ice cream as well. I was more of a Turtle or Brownie Sundae fan, myself.

I didn't try these topped with whipped cream, however I did consider it. Now, crumbled up over a real banana split? Great idea - however, we're trying to save a bit of money & eat healthier, so adding up chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream and strawberry ice cream...suddenly I'm doing neither of those things, even worse than I'm already doing neither of those things.

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