Thursday, June 20, 2013

Look Chocolate, Matcha Mousse & Azuki Bean

I was so pleased to receive a box of goodies from OyatsuCafe for the purposes of munching and reviewing.

There is tons of stuff to get through, including some fun (albeit very chewy looking) Kracie kits, but I'm starting off with these Look Chocolates.

Look Chocolate is pretty popular in Japan from what I can tell - when I was there on vacation a few years ago I remember seeing quite a few different varieties in all the convenience stores and groceries. I remember eating some kind of Belgian chocolate mix one, where there were four different textures/flavors of chocolate in the box...I think it had some tie-in with a pop group, as well. Anyway, I can't think of a very similar product in the UK or America, they're like small chocolate variety boxes, sometimes 4 different flavors and sometimes just 2, with twelve little bits of chocolate in each box.
As you can maybe tell, this particular flavor is primarily green tea, however look closely and you'll notice that there are two different colored fillings on top of the matcha mousse. I couldn't really figure out exactly what the toppings were, as I don't speak Japanese, but my research indicates that they are red bean sauce and red bean paste, or cream? If anyone has a more clear idea, let me know!
The chocolates themselves spell out 'Look' in three rows, cute touch. When I opened the box, the smell was quite strong green tea. I personally really like green tea confectionery, so I was excited.

Unfortunately I couldn't not for the life of me get a clear picture of the inside of the chocolate, but they look like the diagram on the front of the box.

The chocolate is very milky and not too sweet, more fatty than sugary as is usually the case with Japanese snacks like this. The green tea taste was as I expected quite strong, which was good for me, with a pretty dense and long-lasting mousse texture. It wasn't aerated like an Aero bar, it was more like a 'truffle' center. The sauce or 'milk' on top was hard to really taste, and even when I managed to get just a little bit of it and some chocolate eaten together, it all just tasted like green tea.

The difference in taste was negligible between the two different toppings, the main difference was textural. One variety of chocolate felt more like a red bean paste in texture, whereas the other one was wetter, more like it had sauce on it. I enjoyed both textures, and really appreciated how each piece could be savored for awhile since it was such a dense filling.

Overall, these were quite tasty and were an enjoyable snack to have on hand. It's a pity that green tea flavored things are few and far between here in the UK, except of course actual green tea. Who wants that when you can have it dipped in chocolate and in a cute box, though?

(OyatsuCafe so kindly provided me with some products for review, but all opinions are just my own!)

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