Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dairy Milk, Strawberries & Creme

Maybe I'm beginning to get a bit picky.

I really slammed that Krispy Kreme the other day, and why? Just for being sticky and gross in this world? All it wanted to do was get eaten, it never asked to be reviewed, or even thought of for more than the minute it takes to be eaten. What makes me such a big shot that I can tell a food what it should taste like?

Anyway, I really didn't much care for this bar.

My main issue comes from the name, which I think was a bit of a reach to try and make a bar of standard strawberry yogurt chocolate connect to a British summer classic. To me, it tasted just like those Lidl strawberry yogurt chocolates, which isn't really a bad thing, but it wasn't what I wanted nor what I expected from a bar labelled strawberries & cream.

I'm usually a big fan of Dairy Milk, I think the standard stuff is milky and just the right amount of sweet. I did think that the sweetness of Dairy Milk combined with the sweetness of the strawberry filling was overkill though, and I don't often say that. When I think of the continental European strawberry yogurt chocolates, I usually remember them as not terribly sweet chocolate-wise, with a decent tang from the yogurt.
While this was tangy, it was more sweet than anything else. I guess I was anticipating a bar of strawberry & vanilla cream type filling. That would've been sweet too, of course, but at least it wouldn't have been false advertising.

Obviously, this wasn't really a case of false advertising, as the creme in the title could very well be referring to the fact that it is a cream center, and it even is described on the back as a strawberry yogurt filling, but I still just didn't care for naming this bar after something it really doesn't taste like at all. If it had been named Dairy Milk Strawberry Yogurt, I would've known I wasn't interested.

 While I am a fan of chocolate with tang, like some of my favorite everyday chocolates are the Hotel Chocolat Cheesecake range that have a very nice sour cream edge to them, I just felt that it didn't gibe well with the Dairy Milk...maybe it also didn't help that it only comes in a big bar. Even though I shared it with my husband, I still felt like I was slogging through it by the end. 

Too sweet, strawberry too artificial, and it just didn't all gel together that nicely. The filling could've been good with another chocolate, and the chocolate would've been great with another filling, but alas.

(quick blognote, I've been having trouble with my bite/jaw lately, going to a specialist to sort it out, but luckily I have some old posts to get through such as this one. hopefully I can start reviewing new stuff again very soon! Thanks for sticking with me through delays and periods of non-posting.)

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