Thursday, May 30, 2013

Triple Caramel Frappuccino

I was not entirely impressed with this drink in theory. Caramel is a bit tasteless, I mean, it is just sugar after all. I don't dislike it, but plain caramel isn't ever my go-to filling for chocolate, or flavor for ice cream.

 Salted caramel is a whole 'nother kettle of fish. By that I mean I'd eat a kettle of fish if it was drizzled with salted caramel sauce.

All that being said, the caramel frappuccino is the frappuccino I usually get. It would be the strawberries & cream, but if I'm in Starbucks it is always pretty early in the morning and I want some semblance of caffeine, even if it is in milkshake form.

So, I wasn't too sure I'd like it, but I knew it would be edible. Also, it appeared to be slathered in whipped cream, which again could top a kettle of fish and get eaten by me.
Mine had a perfect little hill of whipped cream, and some crispy sugar-bits on top. This was easily the best part of the drink, I'd be so happy to eat a bigger bowl of that as a dessert. Interestingly, the whipped cream at Starbucks in the UK is significantly nicer than the USA whipped cream. Well, interesting to me. As a dairy fan I feel very strongly about Kool Kreams and Whippy Dreams and other "creams".

Once I had eaten all of the cream off the top, which I did and I am not ashamed, the rest of the drink was a bit dull. It tasted just like a caramel frappuccino, maybe a bit more thin because of the extra syrup/sauce. The taste was exactly the same, though.

Shockingly, perhaps only to me, the Triple Caramel Frappuccino was double the calories of an equivalent plain Caramel Frappuccino with cream. I guess there is much extra sauce, too bad it didn't really do much to change the flavor. With frappuccinos a lot does depend on how it got mixed, but I just can't see this one as being worth the extra calories if you want caramel, it's all basically the same.

Mocha Cookie Crumble on the other hand...

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