Thursday, May 16, 2013

KitKat, Golden Citrus Blend

Now, before you get too excited this came from Japan--but before you become immensely disappointed this and other nice KitKats can be found at sushinoms, an online-and-convention type shop located here in the UK.

I think their prices were quite reasonable, and it was nice to not have to wait for something to ship all the way from Japan. They have a pretty nice selection of KitKats and gummy-type sweets, and really cute key chains and little figures if you happen to be into that sort of thing along with candy and snacks. And if you are, are you my twin?

I took advantage of the buy 3-for-£5 deal, so I got 6 different mini bars for £10. I thought this was a great idea, as most places that sell Japanese KitKats online sell them by the box, which can be a bit costly if you want to try more than one flavor.

Keep in mind, however, that these bars are quite small--about one half the size of a UK KitKat two finger bar. So, quite small...Particularly if like me, you're forced to split them with a snacky loved one. 
The packaging is, as usual, very nice. Three glistening citrus fruits are artfully piled on top of each other, so you know that you're getting lime, lemon, and orange...possibly even in that order.

The bar itself was a medium tone orange, with a very bold KitKat stamp on top.
See, just like I said!

It smelled like a blend of orange, lemon and white chocolate, and unsurprisingly it tasted much the same. It was much more tangy than I expected, and had a much stronger lime flavor than I was expecting. For some reason I assumed it would just taste like 'orange', the same way orange chocolate always does, but it really is tangy and 'citrussy', rather than just orange.

If you like citrus and white chocolate, I see no reason why this wouldn't be a flavor you'd like to try. As far as citrus chocolates go, I'm usually a bit let-down by how sweet they are in comparison to how tangy they are...usually they're far more sweet than sour, but this is different! It is still very sweet, but the flavors are more well-balanced. Kind of like if you dipped a lime wedge in sugar, rather than just 'lime sweet'.

The white chocolate flavor is what sweetens it, of course, but it is nice and cocoa-buttery rather than just tasting like sugar.

I really enjoyed this one! I'm looking forward to reviewing the next 5 very soon.


  1. I love the sound of this, that orange coloured chocolate looks so cool!

  2. That's a great find, such an interesting flavour! I look forward to the rest of your Kit Kat reviews :)