Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Thornton's Pop Bubbles, Fizzy Cola Flavor

I'll admit, I bought these because I really liked the retro milk bottle packaging.
I mean, it isn't like I'm crazy for cola chocolates...who is, after all? On the other hand, I'm not anti cola chocolates...see my Meiji Drink Beans review. I thought those were pretty cool, and they were soda flavored chocolate/sugar candy niblets. Heck, I'd eat them again.

I don't think I'd eat these again, though.There are a couple of other reviews already out and about, Foodstuff Finds and Kev's Snack Reviews both had nicer things to say about these than me.

Chocolates positioned to protect the identity of the innocent plate mascot...
Now, fact is I do like those weird little cola gummies, I like chocolate, and I like popping candies--seems this was a winning prospect.

Opening the glass bottle, straight away I knew things weren't going to go my way. It smelled just like a couple of gummy cola bottles stuck together by cheap chocolate in a trick-or-treat pail, or maybe an extremely flat soda. Very little spice, just sweet 'cola'--like RC or a particularly crummy batch of Pepsi.
Granted, that is basically what those cola gummies are like, but those don't also have chocolate in the mix to sweeten them up even further.

The taste was actually quite a lot like the sickly, dissimilar sweetness you experience when you take a bite of chocolate and then have a swig of coke. Not recommended, that's strictly cook-out style. So, if we were working with just chocolate and cola extract, we'd already be in an oversweet milk 'n' Pepsi kind of world...but then you get a bite of 'pop'. It gets worse from there, with a even more sugar and an unpleasant approximation of fizz. I don't want to eat chocolate that makes me think of drinking flat coke, and then have it fizz up in my mouth just a tiny bit. Just reminds me of sun-warmed Pepsi at a BBQ that a bee keeps dipping a toe in and making little carbonation waves. Oh, and the bee was walking all over a chocolate cake earlier.

Second opinion, my husband really likes them. He said it was good quality chocolate, and made no comment on the cola aspect, leaving me to assume either he has no tastebuds or he was being polite to Mr. Thornton's ghost out of some kinda national pride. Well, I don't have to mince words, this stuff was not that tasty. Thorntons is fine, cola candy is fine, popping candy is fine, but all together and no thank you.

I think a lot of the problem had to do with it being milk chocolate...the Cherryade and Lemonade variety are probably much nicer, being white chocolate with fruity flavors. Might give those a try someday, I can't give up on these cute bottles yet!...I'm a sucker.


  1. Aww sounds like these weren't very good. I think you're right, the white choc with lemon/cherry probably works better than milk. The cherryade ones were more like sweets than chocolates, I guess because there's no cocoa to confuse the tastebuds.

    You could be onto something about national pride. I know a few people who will still go to Thorntons when they want some fancy chocolate, even though the quality is nowhere near as good as it used to be. When I was a kid, it was practically considered luxury chocolate.

    Thankyou for the mention, really appreciate it :)

  2. They was lushhhhhhhhhhh