Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Feature: Food I'd Like to Eat, KFC Edition

KFC is so easy to find in London compared to where I came from in the USA. I wonder why that is, or if it is different in other states? I'm from Indiana, and I can count on one hand the amount of KFCs I saw...KFC was always considered by me to be a rare treat, a place where you'd get a bucket of fried chicken for a picnic--I can't say I ever thought of it as a place to eat lunch. I went to KFC very rarely, and the locations I drove by were usually completely empty, compared to the bustling Burger Kings and McDonald's next to them.

I think it is a bit different here, KFC is treated like any other fast food joint--pop in for a meal, take home a 'Sharing Snack Attack Pack from Way, Way Back' (cue kitschy disco theme and absurd ad), whatever. Maybe it was just my area, but if I saw an empty KFC cup in the trash, I'd be surprised. That did sort of change with the advent of the Double Down, but my local Colonel certainly never had the kind of business that he enjoys overseas.

Even though fried chicken places usually have names like 'Dallas Chicken Shack', 'Cowboys and Roosters', and 'Kenclucky Fried Chicken'-- I never saw half as many chicken shops in the Midwest as I see here. I wonder why that is...Well, I don't mind, who doesn't love chicken?

This KFC meal has intrigued me...I love dips, I even had an idea for a restaurant that just served dips...bring your own food. I call it 'Just Dip! by Sauceman's'. I'm still looking for investment.
(picture lifted from KFC UK)
There is no way that amount of dip would be enough for four fries and 12 to 16 mini fillets. Also, I'm not so sure about mayonnaise and ketchup being counted as 'dips'. Sure, you can physically dip things in them, but they're condiments. If everyone has a bottle of it at home, you shouldn't really count it as a special dip. I'm picky, though--I still would chow down on this happily. Nice thing is I might be able to do just that, as this is the first FILE highlighting a UK foodstuff!
(photo snatched from KFC Japan)
Aw yeah...this has already been covered quite nicely by Brand Eating, but I ought to highlight it as well, seeing as how it is a food I want to eat...very much. I'll say it right here, right now, for real-- I loved the Double Down. I also dug the Famous Bowls deeply...with my plastic spoon. That ketchup rice patty is so intriguing, ketchup rice is a Japanese comfort food, often found in omurice, an egg omelette with ketchup rice and chicken. I've never had one myself, but they look delicious. This just looks so good, every aspect is right up my alley; chicken breasts, ketchup, cheese, 'house' sauce, and rice. If this is still around the next time I'm in Japan, I'm definitely going to eat it.
(picture grabbo'd from KFC Singapore)
Of course, next time I'm jet-setting my way into Singapore, I'm going to eat this. This Roasta Twister is listed in KFC's AM menu, and it includes scrambled eggs, tomatoes, and cheese alongside the special marinated roast chicken, which looks amazing. I love rotisserie chicken! KFC should have that as an option everywhere...Grilled, fried, and rotisserie. The only improvement I can see is maybe instead of tomatoes, it could be salsa, or tater tots. Now I'm just being gluttonous, not that you should be surprised by that after an entire post of glistening fried chicken accompanied by the text equivalent of Homer Simpson noises.

I'm thinking we might end up eating that Ultimate Dip selection for dinner...and booking a Pacific flight after.

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