Sunday, February 3, 2013

Long Grove Chocolates, Peanut Butter Cup

Now I'm not prone to cussing or overexaggeration, but this is one big ass peanut butter cup, seriously.

You may not know it looking at that picture, sure- it is just the wrapper and there is no scale, for all you know it is your average work-a-day peanut butter cup, gets ya from point A to point B, no big deal. You'd be wrong, though. Dead wrong.
Pictured, one average sized human hand, palming a massive piece of candy as if it is a basketball about to be dunked or Globetrotter'd.

I don't have freaky little cat paws, I've got a normal sized hand, so hopefully that gives you some idea of the scale on this thing.
This on the other hand is a tiny plate, but just take a look at that. That is a nice peanut butter to chocolate ratio, rare among gigantic filled chocolates. I'm loving it so far. It was wrapped in two layers, one clingy foil layer and an outermost cupcake paper. It is easily the size of a standard cupcake, by the way.

The smell was very similar to Reese's-- nutty, milky chocolate. The chocolate was above-average for American milk chocolate, but would probably seem a bit waxy to the European palette. It doesn't have that nice creamy melt like you get in basically all chocolate here, it kind of sticks around in your mouth, thick and sweet. Let's be real though, you ain't here for the chocolate.

Everyone has a baseline familiarity with Reese's, right? Crumbly, salty, and a bit grainy? That's what I was expecting in this cup, but it wasn't much like that. This is a lot more like peanut butter fudge, very smooth with no graininess, and more sweet than salty. If you've had a good block of peanut butter fudge, you'll know exactly how it tastes. Really, it is very similar in taste to smooth peanut butter, but thickened up with sugar to a fudgey texture--so smooth!

I bought this at Cybercandy, it was on clearance after Christmas to a little over £2.00...I'd buy it again for that price as it was a fun little snack to share with my husband.


  1. That peanut butter cup EATS other peanut butter cups.

    What an absolute unit!

    1. It really could! I've heard rumors about some kind of giant Reese's, but this one was the biggest I've personally seen/eaten. ;)

  2. I love pb and choc, but feel slightly ill looking at that pic. It's just too much.

    1. Haha, it's definitely a 'sharing' cup. I couldn't have really handled one all by myself, either.

  3. Wow it must be big if you had to share it! I gotta get me one of these beauties to eat ALL BY MYSELF. Big nom