Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Oreo Bits Salty Hokkaido Milk Cream

These are wee, bitsy Oreos in a foil pack with a cream flavor of 'Salty Hokkaido Milk'.  My rudimentary knowledge of Japan recognized that Hokkaido is a region that is well known for their dairy produce.  From what I hear, milk has a stronger taste in Hokkaido, it is...milkier.  I love milk and dairy stuff, so that Hokkaido jazz got me interested. 

Once opened, the bag smelled just a bit of buttered popcorn, which is no doubt the combining of the smell of 'strong dairy' and salt.  They look just like regular miniature Oreo sandwiches, which is to say tiny Oreos about the size of a Ritz Bits, or a nickel--whichever comes first.

The cream to cookie ration was just about perfect, and visually they were super cute, well formed cookies that just so happened to be very small. 

The important thing is the eating though, and it didn't disappoint--but it didn't light the night on fire, either.

I don't know what I was expecting exactly from 'Salty Hokkaido Cream', but I definitely expected saltier, and maybe even creamier.  Interestingly, the cream was thick and smooth, almost like a dense fondant, versus the usual Oreo cookie cream which is gritty and sticks to the roof of your mouth--which is unpleasant once you've stopped eating said Oreos.  These tasted basically like higher quality Oreos, with a slightly softer cookie and a denser, more rich-feeling cream.  I wouldn't have described the taste as salty in the slightest, but maybe a bit more buttery and rich tasting.  The cookies by their lonesome, no creams allowed, were not nearly as cocoa-tasting as your usual Oreo cookie--they reminded me a lot more of Bourbon biscuits, sort of a soft chocolate taste without much crunch and snap.  My husband insists that the cream just tasted like Custard Cream, and I can kind of see that...but it was much nicer, texturally.  It reminded me just a little bit of the kind of frosting you get on a grocery store birthday cake, that 'buttercreme' stuff.  Decently rich feeling with a nice buttery taste, but ultimately you kind of shrug at what is just a halfway decent cake.

I wouldn't order this particular flavor of Oreo again, just because it wasn't all that strange, or even wildly different than an Oreo I could find here.  Or even better, I could Franken up something almost exactly like this by scraping the cream out of a Custard Cream and adding it to a Bourbon biscuit's biscuit.  You'd be pretty close at that point, really.

If I were in Japan, I'd pick them up if I wanted something cookie-like to go with a nice tall glass of say, honey flavored milk or something, but I'd probably find much more interesting cookies if I kept looking.  For instance, 'coffee and cheese' soft Oreos--which are next on my list to order.

Speaking of, I ordered these li'l bitty Oreos from Napajapan, which my favorite site for ordering Japanese sweets, drinks, and snacks--they stock a ton of stuff and offer SAL shipping which is important for cheapskates like me who really resent international shipping, but constantly order stuff from overseas anyway.  They don't mark parcels down for European customers, which is fair enough as it is technically illegal and they are an actual business rather than just one guy on Ebay, but they did declare the items as being their retail value in Japan, so my order was under the consignment anyway.  Customer service was totally fine, and my order arrived in a timely manner, average speed of SAL being considered, of course.

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