Monday, January 21, 2013

Coconut KitKat Chunky, UK Edition

Finally! I found all the new UK KitKats, all lined up at my local little grocery shop. Couldn't find them for the life of me in East London, it always seems like these new chocolates come to the little outlying areas first and then spread out into London. Hm!

First up, the one I was most excited to try, coconut. I'd already read reviews forewarning that there was no coconut cream to be found, it was a coconut flavor imbued through the chocolate. The tiniest of cop-outs if you ask me, but hey, coconut flavor is a bit hard to find outside of Bounty bars, so I was happy to have anything! I just would've been over the moon had their been a coconut cream of sorts topping the bar--like they have for the Chocolate Fudge and the Hazelnut, but alas.

It was tasty, nicely textured like KitKats always are, lots of crunch and strong milky chocolate. However, I thought it was a bit too easy to ignore the coconut.

I appreciate the KitKat brand being a bit more risky than say, Milky Way or M& the UK, at least, and of course Japan where KitKats really have taken off as a strange flavor conduit. Even though a couple of the flavors in the Chunky Champion lineup are very safe for the European market, like Hazelnut and Mint, the other two (Coconut and Chocolate Fudge) are a bit more risky.  It is a ton more varied of a competition this year-- last year it was just white chocolate, 'double choc', orange, and peanut butter.  It seemed open and shut if you ask me--you want white chocolate, lots of options. Double chocolate...well sure, it's just lots more chocolate. Orange chocolate is a mainstay in the UK, but peanut butter is quite hard to find. So glad it won last year, and I hope one of the 'weirder' ones takes it this year, as well.

I just hope that the end of this contest doesn't mean the end of the peanut butter Chunky...shudder to think.


  1. Hi, great blog and thanks for listing me on your blog roll.

    I hope the Peanut Kit Kat Chunky stays too!

    1. Thank you! I'll be heartbroken if the Peanut Butter KitKat goes, I want it to usher in a new era of peanut butter chocolate combos in the UK.