Saturday, November 9, 2013

Mint Chocolate Pringles, UK

Did you know Pringles aren't actually potato chips? Legally, they will never be under the same banner as your Lay's, your Walker's, et cetera...They're made of dried potato matter, and can best be described as potato-based snacks...where less than half of the ingredients are actually potato.

Here's the tragic reality of Pringles - they have some of the most reliably 'creative' flavors, but the base product is crap. Just total crud. They're dry, they're crumbly, they always seem like they've gone soft & stale, and they're way too salty, regardless of the flavor. Pringles are good for licking, and absolutely horrible for crunching. Also, I always feel sick to my stomach after eating more than like, 5 of them.

Luckily, eating more than 1 or 2 was not an issue with these Mint Chocolate Pringles.

They're absolutely one of the worst things I've ever had the displeasure of thinking about, let alone eating.

It's a blurry, no good picture because I need to write this quickly to alert the world as soon as possible that Pringles has openly declared a war on traditional Christmas flavors. There is also a Sweet Cinnamon flavor, that I can only assume is just as bad. Seriously, nearly at a loss for words with these - and I like salty & sweet, loads.

If you blow this picture up you'll see salt crystals, sugar granules, and I'm certain upon closer inspection Ol' Scratch, the devil, Lucifer - what have you - wearing a Santa hat.

Yes, these are quite gross...fiendishly so.

Not only do they maintain that classic Pringles dry clay texture whilst chewing, they taste like garbage. No really, they taste like a discarded piece of Trident on a tortilla chip. So incredibly bad, and no chocolate. I refuse to accept that there was any attempt to make these taste like chocolate, because if so I'm afraid I've lost confidence in chemicals period...and science in general. The ingredients list cocoa powder, but as you can see those Pringles are completely white - and it's unlikely they used a specially processed cocoa powder that removed the color, because there is absolutely no way anybody put that much thought into these Pringles.

It just tasted like garden mint extract, sugar, and then lots & lots of salt. Salty mint, how festive.

Here's the thing - potato isn't naturally salty, so why bother adding the salt when you're making a sweet thing with potatoes? People do make candy with potatoes, it's not common practice, but they certainly aren't salted into oblivion before being combined with peanut butter or chocolate. If you boiled a potato and ate it with whipped cream yeah, you'd be crazy...but even you wouldn't be crazy enough to put salt on it first. C'mon.

I'm supposed to like this - I like salty & sweet combos, I appreciate 'wacky', and I like limited edition flavors. This is just a swing and a miss from Pringles, which was probably made worse for me because I don't like Pringles at a base level, but adding sugar and spearmint gum into the mix was not the way to my heart.


  1. Sounds awful! Glad I didn't bother buying any now...

  2. If you don't like normal Pringles then your opinion is invalid.

    1. Pshaw - I don't need to like chicken liver to know that coating some in sugar, salt and almond flavoring would be a bad idea. A regular Pringle is a less nice potato chip - Mint Chocolate Pringles are hell's national dish.

  3. I just tried them and searched "why would anyone make mint chocolate pringles" and this came up... they are disgustinggggggggg

    1. So true, they're really the worst Pringle - and that's saying something. ;)

  4. I bought this Pringles today...
    I must say I love Pringles very much! And I also like mint chocolate! Because of this I didn't hesitate at all to try this flavour. But hear my word! Never! Never ever try this Pringles! I almost throwed up after the first bites... Worst thing I've ever eaten.