Sunday, November 3, 2013

Candy Corn Oreos

The frights ain't over!

I simply had to get this one in before the end of the Halloween season, because they're too nice not to review & too seasonal to review in like, a week. You'll be like, "candy corn? that's OLD news!" So, just for you guys, I ate a whole bunch of cookies. You're welcome.

The candy corn on the packaging looks very airbrushed, and so artificial. America, you're so fake...but that's fine, especially when it comes to cookies.

When I opened these up, they smelled so intensely of candy corn, I felt a bit sick. Candy corn, for those of you not in the know, is a kind of fudge-y, fondant-y textured candy that tastes quite a bit like honey, or in it's best form, buttercream frosting. Really, the entire experience of candy corn & other 'mellowcreme' treats at Halloween reminds me of hardened buttercream frosting, in both taste and texture. Leave a cupcake out over night, and come back to it the next morning and you'll be approximating candy corn pretty well.

So, is this like an Oreo with a day-old cupcake in it? Let's find out...

Dang, that's some great coloration. So vivid - you won't get that in the EU, or any place that's done research on artificial coloring on children - but I'm no child, and I love bright colors. Probably because of early exposure as a child.

So taking a bite, and it tastes quite a bit like the Birthday Cake Oreos, but a bit more 'sticky' tasting - like syrup. I've only ever tried the chocolate Birthday Cake Oreos, so these were different there as well, since the cookie was of the 'golden' Oreo variety. I really like the Golden Oreos, they taste salty and buttery, a bit like a shortbread.

So yes, it does mimic candy corn quite well - it tastes buttery, syrupy, with a bit of honey. I don't know if I would've guessed 'candy corn' straight away if somebody would've handed me this and asked me what flavor it was; but then again I don't think I'd properly ID candy corn if somebody blindfolded me and fed it to me, either. It is more about texture with candy corn than it is about flavor - but the flavor is nice, with a sweet taste more similar to honey or syrup than to just granulated sugar.

Unfortunately for my UK readers this one isn't readily available across the pond, it came back home with me from my trip to America last month - BUT, you can grab a pretty close alternative with the Birthday Cake Golden Oreos at StatesideCandyCo! I've ordered from these guys a couple of times, and they're always good - fast delivery, reasonable (for import) prices, and quite a sizable clearance section, which is my favorite part.

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