Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Collective Dairy, Spiced Pumpkin Yogurt

Everybody knows Americans love pumpkin spice. This is just the first news article I could find, but I don't need to be the one to tell you that you can get pumpkin beer, pumpkin candles, pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin English muffins, pumpkin cream cheese, and pumpkin whipped cream in basically every single grocery store in the USA. In the four years I've lived in the UK, it's been one of the main things I've missed - Halloween and autumn are just not nearly as celebrated here, and why? Why? WHY? 
Even though Halloween isn't as big of a deal, it still doesn't explain the lack of pumpkin spice. If an entire nation is into it, you've got, got to presume it's good, right? Then why do I still hear English people scoff at the PSL in Starbucks? Guys, guys. Get on it. Millions upon millions of Americans & Canadians cannot be wrong.

 Everybody else is getting it! Japan likes pumpkin, and...well, presumably maybe also other places. Anyway, all that being said, things are getting better. For one, when I first moved here the Pumpkin Spice Latte was naught but a dream. It's been available for the past couple years now, and shows no signs of going away. To my English brothers & sisters out there, thank you for giving it a shot - your bravery has been rewarded by a sweet, spicy, milky dream. My fellow ex-pat Americans, we can consider this one a win. We're still working on free refills, Trader Joe's, & cheap gas. Fight the good fight.

Fighting alongside me is the fine folks of The Collective Dairy - I've seen them a bit before, and I liked their marketing. Big hearty tubs of yogurt with nice typeface, but unfortunately none of the flavors really appealed to me - not enough for an enormous tub of yogurt that only I will eat, at least. When I read that they were releasing a Pumpkin Spice (or rather, 'Spiced Pumpkin') all that changed.

Not only is it pumpkin spice, they even went so far as to make the tub Halloween-y. Thank you, Collective Dairy, for bringing some very unexpected spooky mirth to the yogurt aisle.

It's a full fat yogurt (but not made with cream), so it's nice and thick with just a hint of tang. Really, a nice top drawer yogurt - the kind that you can eat plain and feel satisfied due to the thickness & taste.

The true reason it's brilliant though is the spiced pumpkin swirl. I didn't know what to expect given the UK's 'meh' relationship with pumpkin spice, so I approached with caution. I was wrong to doubt, because this would be a great example of pumpkin spice yogurt in America - and that's saying something coming from an American who was an early adopter of the pumpkin spice phenomenon.

If you've ever tried Trader Joe's Pumpkin Butter, it's almost identical. So, spicy, sweet, with just a tiny nearly citrus edge. Basically, it's delicious pumpkin pie filling, thinned out, ginger'd up, and put into a yogurt. It's great.

I never come across yogurts and think to myself "That would make a good dessert." My husband is a fan of the whipping cream yogurts that often carry dessert-like flavors & calories, but to me they're always just a let-down. I mean, end of the day, it's yogurt, right? This yogurt changes things. I'd consider this a great dessert, an amazing breakfast, or a delicious lunch. I'd eat it all day, and stare lovingly at the jack-o-lantern and bats that dance alongside the container. Smooth move, The Collective Dairy.

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  1. Sounds good! I'll have that! (phrased as such, in part to the upcoming release of 'Dumb and Dumber To, but mostly because you make it sound fantastically delicious Creamy!) Hey! The Collective Dairy! A shout out to my friend Creamy is in order!