Sunday, September 21, 2014

Moringa BAKE - Cookies & Cream

Since I was in Japan in the summer, there were a lot of these 'baked chocolates' - they're meant to keep your hands mess-free unlike regular chocolate. It's a pretty cool idea! I've tried one of these type before, in a 'Cheese Brulee' flavor.

If you read that review, you'll see how much I love the texture of these types of chocolate, they're sort of like brownies with perfect edges & gooey middles.

This was the Cookies & Cream edition, they were quite a common sight. I guess cookies & cream is a can't-go-wrong flavor in Japan, too!

 These were different textually, however, as the inside was much more 'creamy' than the cheese brulee. The cheese brulee was like a gooey but solid fudge inside, whereas the cookies & cream had a very soft, airy cream on the inside. The outside was still like that brownie edge, crispy & intensely cocoa-y.

The flavor of the cream was quite subtle, not terribly sweet, more vanilla & butter than anything. Sort of like a less sweet Oreo cream - the texture was certainly like that, ever so slightly grainy. I think it would've been a cool effect if there were bits of cookie mixed into the cream itself - as it is, when you crunch through the very thin layer of baked chocolate you're left with just the subtle cream.

There are 10 pieces in each pack, and when split between two people the little bits don't seem like much. I recommend getting 2 packs if you're looking to share!

This flavor & quite a few others are available on NapaJapan, including sweet potato & creme brulee - both of which I'll be reviewing later.

I'm glad that summer is coming to an end for many reasons, but one of them is certainly so I can get chocolate more easily shipped to me from Japan!

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