Sunday, March 2, 2014

Tirol Mix 9, Part 2

I'm revisiting the Tirol mix I reviewed this time last week - I've already reviewed Biscuit, 'Tirol no 1', and Hot Cake. I suppose that makes these ones second stringers.

We've got Almond, Milk, and the ringer...'Tirol no 2' the Bright Lights, Big City edition.

I was most interested in Milk, even though I'm pretty sure I've eaten it before. You've never eaten too many milky filled chocolates. Imagine I'm looking pointedly and ashamedly at a pile of Kinder wrappers right now.

Three different designs here, my favorite is the almond. It's actually very well etched. They're all about the same shade of uh, chocolate.

Another chewy center from the namesake Tirol chocolate, but this one is a coffee flavored caramel. Tastes nice, but again I'm not nuts for the chewy centers. I think Tirol is considered something of a children's treat in Japan, so it makes sense that they'd include so many chews - kids care much less about their teeth. Here's an interesting viewpoint; why do we care what kids eat before they have adult teeth? I say, "Junior, go for it while you still have the chance to do it over."

The Milk chocolate was as expected - the creamy, milky and sweet center that you get in a Kinder or in any number of 'milk' chocolates. I've always thought the chocolates that contain milk derived ingredients and sort of boast about the calcium are silly - I've never met a kid who hated milk and had to be tricked into eating it. I mean, chocolate milk at the very least, right? Maybe I was just a big fan of dairy from the start.

The almond was good, your basic chocolate covered almond. Nicely roasted, and the chocolate was decent. Let's face it though, you didn't buy a Tirol Mix 9 because you wanted a chocolate covered almond.

I chose to eat the three most pedestrian ones together, that way you can easily skip this review if you're easily bored. Whoops, should've mentioned that in the first paragraph, I guess.

The next 3 chocolates are lemon, strawberry, and cookies 'n' cream - so things are sure to get more interesting. Or - at the very least - less European.

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