Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Alfort Kinako Bisuits

I've tried these Alfort biscuits before, in my Matcha Madness blog -- which totally should've been done in March, what was I thinking? Alfort biscuits are small butter cookies with a tablet of chocolate on top - a bit like a Petit Ecolier but smaller.

Anyway, they were very tasty in the matcha flavor, so I was looking forward to trying another interesting variety: Kinako, AKA roasted soybean flour. It might not sound delicious, but I've had it a few times in various forms and always found it to taste like sesame & peanut butter. It's considered a healthy topping, but of course when it is used to flavor chocolate confection on top of a biscuit it loses some of that shiny, glowy, healthful luster.

As I expected, they had that delicious sesame & peanut butter flavor that I've had with kinako before - not too sweet with a bit of a savory bite. Fans of peanut butter will like these - especially people who like Reese's Pieces in theory but find the quality of the peanut butter center to be inaccurate & waxy. This chocolate is like what the inside of a Pieces should be.

The ratio of chocolate and biscuit is about 50/50. The texture is great, the chocolate kinako confection on top is smooth and as firm as a standard milk chocolate bar, making it very satisfying to bite into. The biscuit is quite plain in taste, but provides a great base of crunch to the kinako chocolate - which is what you want to be tasting anyway, right?

They're quite tiny biscuits and not very suitable for dunking, but they went nicely with a cup of milky tea nonetheless. Sip & snack style.

There were a dozen little cookies in the package, and ordering from Candysan means the price is insanely cheap - .93 eurocents (is that the proper name?) for the box. Shipping can of course vary, depending on what else you've ordered and how quickly you want it, but I use SAL and I've always received my packages within about 2 weeks. Take a look at Candysan, as they stock lots of other interesting Japanese snacks & update very frequently! It's worth shopping around for Japanese treats, as there is such a huge variety in Japan no one shop can stock them all.

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