Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lay's Chicken & Waffles Chips

Sorry about the delay in uh, all blogs--I just started a new job and that always takes some adjusting! Hopefully going forward I'll be able to blog at least twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays. I feel awful taking such a long absence, especially since my trip to America was ages ago...but, I still have a backlog of things to review from the USA, and I'm keeping my eyes peeled for the latest in UK snack innovation. Apparently the 'Marvelous Creations' bars from Cadbury Australia are coming out here soon, and Kev already got the jump on them! A bit disappointed that Cookie Nut Crunch is so...pedestrian, but it does sound pretty tasty. I just feel like if it is going to be a zip-zam-zoomical Willy Wonka style bar, it shouldn't just be caramelized nutbits and biscuit bites.

Speaking of zip-zam-zoomical baffoonery, here we have Lay's Chicken & Waffles chips, one of three flavors submitted by whimsical Lay's fans. The other two varieties are Srichia and Garlic Cheesy Bread, however this was the one that intrigued me most.
I've never had actual chicken & waffles...but I have had chicken, and I have had waffles, so I'm kind of an expert, right? No photo of the actual chips, my trip to the US was such a whirlwind and it went so quick, this photo was literally snapped within my last few hours of being in America. The chips themselves just looked like Walker's or any other thinnish, crispy chip. The texture is just like Walker's as well, which is just perfect for me as I despise kettle-cooked. Kettle chips feel like they're going to just break my teeth apart, far too crunchy.

You're not here because you care about the strength and vitality of my teeth, you want to know if these chips really do taste like chicken and/or waffles!

They tasted like maple syrup, and a bit of herbs often used in American Southern cooking, kind of what KFC is spiced with, or American breakfast sausage. A bit of thyme and sage, mostly. If you would've told me that these were American breakfast flavored chips, I'd have believed you--tastes just like when you sop up the remaining maple syrup with some sausage links...just me doing that? You've been missing out. That is the top meat product I miss from America actually, way more than steak; breakfast sausage. If you eat sausage here, it just doesn't have the same spice mix--if any spice at all. I still like English sausage, it just isn't the same. Throw some sage on that bad boy!

As far as chicken flavoring goes, nah. The UK has America beat when it comes to fake meat flavored crisps,  like it or not.

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