Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cornetto Vanilla Chocolate Cone, Chocolate

The weather is so flip floppy. I don't mean it is weather suitable for flip flops, it's just unpredictable.

I suppose I should be glad that there are days now that are really warm, but I prefer to complain.

On days where you're not sure whether it is going to be hot or cold, what do you do about ice cream?

What do you do?

You eat chocolate that is presented in the form of an ice cream.
These are so nicely presented, it really does look like a dinky little Cornetto.

At least I think so, I'm pretty sure I've only ever eaten a classic Cornetto once. I'm actually not crazy for waffle cones, generally. If given the choice between a waffle cone and cake cone, I'm always going cake cone.

 Only me and 5 year olds make this choice frequently enough to even have a preference.
If I had started this review up saying it was about ice cream, you'd probably be totally fooled right now. Maybe I should've!

So, this is the end of the photos because I snarfed this so quickly. Really, it was a perfect lazy afternoon treat. Small enough to not feel over indulgent, but interesting enough to perk up my day.

The look is so fun, it is rare that chocolate from...non-Japan...has such an cute presentation.

Starting from the top, there are decent sized chopped hazelnuts, chocolate coating, and vanilla cream. The hazelnuts are quite nice, crunchy and toasty-tasting. It's funny, peanuts are the classic topping on a Drumstick in the USA, and aren't peanuts much cheaper? Nobody likes peanuts except North Americans, I guess. I mean, they get disrespected with a name like monkey nuts on top of their constant disuse.

The chocolate coating was surprisingly tasty, it tasted a lot like your classic ice cream coating. Not entirely chocolate, but weirdly good in it's own right. Like the inside of a Feast bar.

The vanilla cream is where it's at, though. It goes right through the entire cone and it is like a firmer version of the cream that was in the Egg 'n' Spoon, but with a fresher, less sweet, vanilla taste.

I was surprised by how much I liked the cone, too. The cone was softer than it usually is, and it tasted like...waffle.

I hope these stick around, but I bet they're just a summer time novelty. I'm looking forward to trying the Mini  Milk and Magnum variety, as well!

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  1. I WANT 13 OF THESE!!! (or at least an option of
    a 2-lb size)
    You make them sound absolutely divine!