Thursday, September 24, 2015

Reese's Spread Snacksters

Remember how disappointed you were, American former children, when you tried Reese's peanut butter in the tub for the first time - and it wasn't like Reese's cups? How about you, European teenagers & adults, when you found that imported jar on a Tesco end cap and let out an excited shout? If only I could've been there to warn's just Skippy.

Well, there's a whole new generation of Reese's spreads. They're called, aptly, Reese's Spreads. I mean, technically they're Hershey's Spreads with a subheading under the banner of Reese's. There is only one flavor in this line, the chocolate & peanut butter version. That's the one I've tried, I've course!

I found it in 'Snackster' format, which is a little pot of the spread plus a little something to dip in there. This particular Snackster came with graham cracker sticks. Not necessarily my first choice with this spread (where's the pretzel sticks, Reese's? get with it) but hey, it beats having to invest in an entire jar of the stuff and trying to come up with your own dip-ins.

To be honest, the graham cracker sticks were a bit cinnamon-y which didn't go so well with the peanut butter and chocolate. The spread by itself was actually a fair bit tastier - these could've done with a more 'breadstick' or Pocky type stick rather than something with it's own unique flavor profile. Then again, I've never been a huge fan of cinnamon with peanut butter after an unfortunate attempt at doctoring up homemade peanut butter cookies with just heapin' helpin's of cinnamon. It's just a bit too rich.

Now, onto the spread itself - it is indeed like liquefied, smoothed out Reese's cups.

I think what makes it so Reese's compared to other chocolate peanut spreads is the hit of salt and the predominance of the chocolate. Others I've had in this style (SunPat Choconut, for instance) are too sweet and the balance leans heavy on the peanut.

While that grain that really set's Reese's Cup peanut butter apart from the off-the-spoon stuff isn't really replicated, but you don't miss it half as much when there is also a big milk chocolate component and a real hit of that salty sweet Reese's flavor. I'll put it to you this way -if I had a jar of this in the house, no white carb would go unslathered. It's very nice stuff indeed, and while it sounds like it may be really rich, it managed to stay lighter in feel than say, Nutella.

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