Sunday, September 20, 2015

Japanese Candy Giveaway!

You guys may have already guessed this, but I have way too much candy.

I need to clear some space for...incoming new candy.

Ergo, two, count 'em, two European giveaways are happening this September.

Both hearty boxes of Japanese candy! Want to know what's inside? I've made two, count 'em, two videos to show you just that. I consider them boxing videos, as opposed to your classic unboxing. Believe me though, you'll want these candies - so enter now while the videos buffer, right?

Click HERE to enter to win one of 2 boxes of Japanese candy!

Sorry to say that this giveaway is open for Europe only. Any entries from outside of Europe will have to be discounted...Again, sorry! Now onto the contents:

It ends Saturday the 26th at midnight, and I'll choose two winners on Sunday. One will win the big box, and other shall win the small. Huzzah!


  1. The Sanrio jelly beans look cute, although I'm also a big fan of the random kit kat flavours japan does, especially the green tea one!

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  3. I love hi-chew grape flavour, although I really like trying things that I don't know what they are.

  4. i love the little kitkats in the crazy flavours

  5. I want to taste japanese kitkats for so long! But all the candies looks really-really good in the video.

  6. Juu-C Cola tablets look and sound interesting!!

  7. Everything except lychee in the Gummy Candy range: