Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Stick Menu, Blendy Cocoa au Lait

OyatsuCafe has recently introduced an awesome new product line - or rather, a new way to order some existing products. The stick menu is great for sampling different 'stick' type drinks from Japan, varieties from both Maxim and Blendy without having to commit to an entire box of one flavor.

I was sent a few to review, and the first one I tried was Cocoa au Lait - or, chocolate with milk...or, chocolate milk...or hot chocolate. I had it as hot chocolate.

As you can see it is in fact a stick. The packaging is small and convenient, just about the size of an Options hot chocolate sachet, maybe just a bit thicker.

There was a very good amount of powder inside, with little flecks of lighter colored granules that I presume was dried milk powder, as this drink is meant to already include the milk - so you just mix it with hot water. I thought it was interesting that you combine it with hot water regardless of the temperature you want your final drink to be: when you want it iced, you add slightly less hot water and more ice cubes. I went with hot chocolate as the weather is a bit chilly & it meant a larger drink, haha.

I was surprised at how well it blended in, much better than your average hot chocolate sachet mixed into water. There were no lumps and there wasn't a bunch of unmixed syrup at the bottom.

The flavor wasn't terribly sweet, and the texture was thicker than usual hot chocolate mixes made with just hot water, making it feel like a much richer drink than your standard make-at-home hot chocolate.

Will it replace a hot chocolate made from real chocolate? No. Will it replace hot chocolate made with milk instead of water? Hm, a fair comparison can be made. I would buy them again if I worked in an office that only had a kettle, certainly - you can't beat the taste for the convenience of it. I had an above average hot chocolate in as long as it takes a kettle to boil, so that's pretty good! I'm looking forward to trying the more exotic varieties I picked out, like the matcha lattes and a caramel macciato.
(OyatsuCafe so kindly provided me with some products for review, but all opinions are just my own!)

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