Sunday, September 1, 2013

Coris Whistle Candy, Blue Soda

Readers, I have many secret shames. From never learning how to ride a bike, convincing myself I was allergic to celery just because I don't like it, to starting almost everyday off with a sugar free Mountain Dew since they've been released over here - but chief among them is that I don't know how to whistle.

Whistling seems physically impossible, even though people tell me how to do it all the time...well, whenever the topic comes up, I guess...either way, something about tongue placement and mouth shaping just eludes me. If you could see that I just googled "How to Whistle" and spent about 15 minutes blowing air out of my mouth in between that last sentence and this one, you'd understand just how much I don't get it.

That's why I was pretty excited by this Whistle Candy by Coris - from OyatsuCafe.
Cute packaging, for sure! I love the sort of 60s tiki room wallpaper vibe from the cardboard backing, and the mouse and duck look like this isn't their first time 'round the promotional cartoon character block. They're seasoned vets - probably not even the first time they've driven a bi-plane.

This flavor is Blue Soda, which I'd wager is quite similar to cream soda.

The little disks are quite a bit fatter than you might realize from this picture, and have the slightest baby blue tint to them. Inside the little box with the duck and mouse was a truck stamp, which I don't think I'll have much use for, but in the realm of free prizes inside candy, it's actually pretty good! At least it isn't made of paper.
Here's one of the tablets being lifted by the truck stamp. I should've had it on the crane side, d'oh.

The whistle really works, which is cool. I used to get Melody Pops back in the day, and only occasionally would the whistle work - you'd have to get just the right level of moisture in the pop, and you'd have to make sure you got one that hadn't half-melted in the sun and reformed into something that couldn't whistle, for example. Since these are pressed-sugar tablet type candies, they won't get damaged in hot weather, so if they whistle in the winter they'll whistle in the summer...and whistle they do! It was really cool, I wasn't expecting it to be as loud as it was, but it's like a referee's whistle. I can see where they might pose the slightest choking hazard, but if you press them in between your lips but in front of your teeth you'll probably be fine, and you'll be whistlin' Dixie all day, if you want. Or until the tablet starts to dissolve on your teeth.

They're a bit softer than Sweettarts or American Smarties, and definitely softer than say, a Polo mint. You could crunch them straight away and feel like your teeth were in no danger.

This flavor was Blue Soda, which I had expected would taste like cream soda - and it kinda does, but it tastes a lot more like bubblegum, or Mitsuya Cider, which tastes a bit like bubblegum, in my opinion. I really enjoyed these! I ate the entire package, barring one tested by my husband, within about an hour or so of opening them. They're extremely easy to eat, because they're sort of delicately flavored but very sweet, and soft on your teeth for a crunchy candy. I'm looking forward to the Cola variety that OyatsuCafe also sent along, and I'll probably throw a pack of the Grape ones on my next order.

(OyatsuCafe so kindly provided me with some products for review, but all opinions are just my own!)

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