Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cornetto Enigma Popcorn

I'm taking a break from posting up the ol' American treats to bring on a review buttressed by yesterday's decent ice cream treat! As you know, I've previously bemoaned the lack of interesting ice cream in the UK, but I always give the freezer aisle a look-see, just in case. Considering the latest Ben & Jerry's blondie and peanut butter based tubs, the Magnum Yoghurt Fresh, and this cone, things might just be looking up for the UK's non-standard ice cream selection.
What cone do I mean, you ask? Don't be silly, it's right there in the title--the Cornetto Enigma Popcorn. Cornetto describes it as, 'An ice cream for the 7th art. With the suspense of a popcorn flavored ice cream and a smooth salted caramel center. And just like in the best Western films, it is covered in black & white chocolate and ice cream with a final intense action of small crunchy rice balls.'

That is the dumbest description of an ice cream flavor I have ever read. I can deduce that the "7th art" is probably referring to film, and I guess they use three adjectives that could potentially be describing a movie: "suspense", Western", and "action"...and people traditionally eat popcorn at a movie theatre so... Cornetto has finally cut out the middle man of brand tie-ins, no longer chained to a specific film, they're cross-promoting movies in general! Good for them. Or really stupid. I'm torn.

Anyway, I wouldn't really care if the description was just a looping WAV file of dogs barking and babies crying...nothing can stop me from eating popcorn flavored ice cream, especially if that ice cream has a salted caramel center. It's like the good people at the Cornetto flavor division knew how upset I was by the cookie Enigma (a hardly mysterious or intriguing choice that just tasted like vanilla, anyway) and tried to make it up to me with my preferred ratio of salt, fat, and sugar.

However, to make sure that other people would try it, they threw some decorative crunchy rice bits on top--a known attractant of children and people who hate their teeth and love flavorless grinding. They didn't skimp on the rice bits, probably because they are just puffed rice, so if that is nice for you than you'll be happy to find them all the way down the cone. The puffed rice was quite buttery tasting, it reminded me exactly of those popcorn flavored Jelly Bellies. Let's face facts folks, popcorn flavor pretty much means butter and salt flavor, and these rice puffs tasted just like fake butter and salt.

The ice cream was impressively flavored. My husband had his first, and warned me that it just tasted like vanilla, but he's totally wrong, it tastes like salty vanilla. What it reminded me of most was kettle corn, which is popcorn that has been coated in sugar more than it has been doused in butter or salt--you can still taste those two things when you eat kettle corn, but it is mostly sweet and a bit more delicate. It was great, and I'd happily buy a carton of it, provided it had a few mix-ins. I'd suggest Sour Patch Kids, Junior Mints, or Snowcaps...the top three mix-ins for actual popcorn, of course.

The salted caramel sauce was also pretty thoroughly distributed, and tasted like a pretty basic salted caramel--less sweet than regular caramel, but not terribly salty. Although, this was already a pretty decent popcorn flavored ice cream being made by a household name brand, I refuse to look this gift horse in the mouth by complaining too much about the sauce. It was all awesome, it made a great treat for the slightly warm day we had yesterday, and I will happily be eating more for as long as they're available. Massive kudos to Cornetto, and if you ever release another risky Enigma, I'll be more than happy to provide adequate description. 


  1. Ooh this looks really good; look forward to trying it!!

    1. You definitely ought to try this one, but I've had a hard time finding it after this review! I first found it at Tesco, so that would be the first place I'd look.