Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Spotted: Walker's New Flavours 2015, or, Returning Crisps from Days of Yore

Red alert, red alert Britain! We've got new crisp flavors!...or do we? Queue The Who,
"Meet the NEW crisps (guitar licks) same as the OLD crisps"

Now, I've never been in the UK when these flavors were available, so they're new to me. However, this might be annoying news for long time residents of the UK. In the USA & Canada right now there is another round of Do Us a Flavor happening, so I do believe this is a replacement for that contest in the UK market. See USA Lay's flavors here, and Canadian Lay's flavors here. Personally I want the Southern Biscuits & Gravy and the Montreal Smoked Meat varieties.

Anyway, the UK has new crisp flavours for 2015:
Lamb & Mint
Toasted Cheese

Beef & Onion
Cheese & Chive

Apparently the marmite variety is just straight up back, whereas the rest of them are begging to be brought back in some sort of snack food social media blitz. I kid, because funny enough actually, the packaging doesn't tell me to use any kinda hashtag - so I don't know how they're going to rock the vote at all. Maybe it's already been decided? #walkersconspiracy

You might be asking yourself, "What is cheese & chive and how is it different from cheese & onion?" Yeah, me too. I dunno yet. I've only tried the first two varieties I listed.

Review: Lamb & Mint Crisps

These were gross. They had that gamey & sweet, herbaceous taste that 'lamb' flavored things usually do, with the non-bonus of a hit of sweet refreshing mint, as well. Not. interested. If this one wins, it's absolutely rigged. In the interest of full disclosure, I really hate mint with savory things and lamb is my least favorite meat. The target audience here, I ain't. My husband on the other hand liked these - go figure, he likes lamb & mint to begin with.

Review: Toasted Cheese Crisps

Infinitely less gross, but just a wee bit boring. However, they fill a real gap in the UK market; plain cheese flavored crisps. Sure you get tons of cheese & x crisps, but sometimes all you really want is something salty & cheesy. While I can satisfy this craving with Oddities or other cracker-like snacks, a cheesy crisp is much harder to come by. These taste appropriately cheddar-y, but there is no real hint of them being 'toasted'. I think that's just a bit of fun ad copy, because if they were really adding a toasted flavor there would be a bit more depth and less sweetness. This tastes like a fresh, mild cheddar - but, you know, a crisp. I'd try these again.

I'll be reviewing the rest of them throughout the week, however I couldn't find Beef & Onion so I may have to skip that one! In the mean time, tell me if you remember any of these crisps from bygone days? Which was your favorite? Are you happy they've brought back some flavours, or would you have preferred another round of Walker's Do Us a Flavour crisps?

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