Saturday, August 16, 2014

Watermelon Oreos

Another great pack of American cookies from my family! In case you missed the first one, I've already reviewed Root Beer Float Chips Ahoy.

Next up are these lovely Watermelon Oreos. I love the golden Oreos so much, it's great to see them getting so much love with the limited edition flavors in the last couple years. You can see my previous review of the Candy Corn variety from last year at Halloween here.

Basically, the golden Oreos are just the littlest bit salty & a lot of buttery. Like sweeter Ritz, or Lorna Doons with less sugar. It's just the right combination for me, whatever it is.

I can't imagine watermelon flavored cream easily, so I was quite intrigued indeed. At the very worst, I know that I could just scrape the cream out and eat the plain golden Oreos.

When I opened the pack, it definitely smelled like watermelon - and it reminded me how many dang cookies you get in the average American box of cookies. Here, you get what, about 16 digestives in a pack on average? I've got about 24 Oreos if not more! Let's hope I like them, then.

So, with the subtle smell of artificial watermelon taffy ringing in my nose, I gave it a try: first, the Oreo. Great stuff, as per usual. Then the cream...the watermelon cream.

It actually tasted quite nice! If you've ever had watermelon Laffy Taffy, that's about it - except more subtle, and a lot less tangy. Or maybe even more accurately, watermelon Hubba Bubba. It's actually not tangy at all - it's sort of like vanilla watermelon, or a watermelon ice cream flavor. Don't be scared by the idea of a tangy cream with Oreos (even though I think that sounds kind of nice, too) because it's quite gentle and more sweet than anything else.

The weirdest thing about this flavor cream was actually the texture - it was quite a bit 'stickier' and chewier than traditional Oreo filling - making the taffy comparison earlier all the more accurate. It isn't all that nice by itself, it goes much better with the cookie - making this the rare Oreo I'd suggest is better eaten whole.

I was pleased that these weren't as weird as I expected them to be, but they were still an interesting change up from regular Oreos. Now, the bad part - they're quite terrible with tea, something about the sweet fruit flavor mixed with the slightly savory, strong PG Tips I generally pair my biscuits/cookies with was bad.

With milk, the traditional American accompaniment to Oreos, they're great. Eat them with that instead!


  1. Watermelon Oreos?? I'm glad you explained it so well! I had to let some shock sink in. Now they don't seem so scary!! More from the package from family in the States, and another kindly nod from you for their efforts! Very good of them to send you treats Creamy! What a very nice family, you have! I'm positive it finds them very happy that you immortalize them by mentioning within your blogs each snack they've been! Who knows? If If If you had only have made such requests to your family sooner what kinds of delectables could you have had to enjoy, and we'd get to read about! Watermelon Oreos? They sound alright to me, I can't stand that flavour as a fruit but in a cookie you make them seem good to give a go. Great blog! (and great woman, for including the mention of your family in it. I'm sure your talking about them and all they've sent you, gives them lots to be smiling about :) and may nudge them into parceling up more sweets to come!)

  2. Im surprised Oreo don't sell just the biscuits. Well, they might do but I've never seen them in the UK!